First off find here some good links:
the Rome's tourist office website
all about Rome and other links
where to sleep in Italy and in Rome
Call center: +390636004399 (turist information) they speak in italian, english, french, spanish, german Musica Roma: il mondo musicale a Roma. 24/7 of venues, news, chat,everything about the music world in Rome. 

Information Center Points in Rome (PIT)
Castel Sant'Angelo
Piazza Pia
Piazza Cinque Lune Cinque Lune
06 68 80 92 40
Fori Imperiali
Via Tempio della Pace
Fontana di Trevi
Via Minghetti
06 67 82 988
Piazza di Spagna
Largo Goldoni
Piazza Navona
Piazza Cinque Lune
Piazza Sonnino
San Giovanni
Piazza S.Giovanni in Laterano
Santa Maria Maggiore
Via dell'Olmata
06 4740955
Stazione Termini
Galleria Gommata
06 48 90 63 00 
Stazione Termini
Piazza dei Cinquecento
0647825194 (anche fax)
Via Nazionale
Via Nazionale (Palazzo delle Esposizioni)
I didn't find the street numbers and the web address of the PIT.


Info Office: c/o Aeroporto "Leonardo da Vinci"- Fiumicino
International arrivals- Terminal B
every day 8.00 - 19.00
turist centre: Via Parigi 5 (Piazza della Repubblica)
Lun-Sab 9-19 - Closed on Sunday
Tel. +39 06 48 89 91- fax +39 06 48 19 316

Places to see: ALL ROMA. Beside all the most famous and important points of attraction, don't miss: the  Zodiaco above Monte Mario, the Giardino degli Aranci (Oranges Garden) on Aventino (close to the Santa Sabina Church), Campo dei Fiori, the little streets which lead to Piazza Navona from Via del Governo Vecchio, the Gianicolo.... It's impossible to list them all, because they are sooooo much that you have just to walk around Rome, and see.... Look the Roma's sky: the night Rome's light is blue bright.  :)
Dangerous places:  actually Roma isn't a dangerous city. You can safely walk in the 95% of the town, during the day and night. Don't go by walk in the zones close to  Stazione Termini and  Stazione Tiburtina. Avoid the suburban zones with more visible degradation (obviously). No problems for the lonely women, be totally indifferent to the people who try to flirt with you, if they are boring. The center of Rome is very safe. Lookout, on the bus(overall in the center), the pickpockets. Bus n°64 is the most dangerous (that means the most attended by thieves).  Lookout the gipsies who want to read your hand or ask some money: they are very very good in the fast and painless stealing.  Be totally indifferent with all the people who ask you something you don't understand.
How to move:
Points of reference: 1) the LUNGOTEVERE. You can't be wrong taking the Lungotevere as a point of reference. Remember that All roads lead to Roma, ithat means that all the main ways of the capital are convergent in the center. Roma is like a cake: the slices are delimited by the consular streets (the old romans streets, like Via Cassia, Via Flaminia, Via Tiburtina etc etc.). 2) Another point of reference is the Grande Raccordo Anulare or GRA, which surrounds Rome and links the main consular streets.
To visit Rome you can:  a) use the pubblic buses and metro  b) use a car or a motorbike c) go by walk.
a) Metro & Buses: 1.500 lire or  0.75 Euro is the cost of the bus & metro ticket, which lasts for 75 min.and you can take both buses and metro in these 75 minutes. You can find the ticket at the Tabaccaio (a big white T on a black background marks these shops, which are the same of the cigarettes) or at the  ATAC points, at the main city bus stop. More info at the free phone service METREBUS:  167-431784 ( time: 9.00-13.00/ 14.00-17.00)
b) by motorbike or  by car: just if you're not afraid of the Roma's traffic jam. In the center the parking is at 2000 lire-1 Euro  every hour. You can buy the parking ticket at the Tabaccaio (the same I wrote above) or, if you have a lot of coins, at the parking machine. The parking violation is about 60000 lire -30 Euro.  If you want to rent a motorbike, which is the most used transport tool by romans, the prices are from 35000 Lire-17.5 Euro to 50000 Lire- 25 Euro a dayfor a 50cc. motorbike (like a  Vespa or an Honda SH), but you can ask for a forfettary price for a longer time. Here some address:
Telephone (add 39 if you call from aboard Italy)
Scooter for rent
Via della Purificazione 84
 06 4885485
I Bike Rome
Via Veneto 156
 06 3225240
Happy Rent
Via Farini 3
06 4818185
Bici & Baci
Via del Viminale 5
06 4828443
c) by walk, if you are in the center, is much better. Roma is so wonderful and beautiful that is better to walk with a good and handly map.
Where to stay: the city is full of every kind of hotels, and they are generally expansive, but close to Stazione Termini, horrible place. Here are somecheaper Bed & Breakfast:
Telephone (add 39 if you call from aboard Italy)
Family House
Via Bixio 72 00185 Roma
067000770 tel
0670497996 fax
Family Home
Via di San Crisogono 46 00153 Roma
0658157742 tel
0658333039 fax
"Bed & Breakfast Sivori"
Via Francesco Sivori 63-00136-Roma
Metro A "Cipro - Musei Vaticani"
06 661.56.772 tel.
 0329 617.44.24 personal phone
Bed & Breakfast in Italy
Via delle Azzorre 352 00121 Lido di Roma
065640716 tel
065640189 fax
Ostello dell Gioventù
chiedere al CTS di Roma
Viale delle Olimpiadi 61
(near Olympic Stadium)

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Record shops in Rome

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