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Via delle Conchiglie 23 Fiumicino  tel
days: WEEK END
admission: from 23:00 to 24:00 free beer paying 5 euro
venue: ?
comment about rock nights: to be checked

Via del Commercio 36  (Ostiense)     tel 065747826
days: all, friday and saturday commercial rock
admission: 7.75 Euro  women free entry until midnight.
venue: big, three halls with different kind of music, quite cheap drink prices (5 Euro a pint of beer). Very good for 400 people gigs.
comment about rock nights:  commercial night during the week end.

Black Out
Via Saturnia 18       (S.Giovanni)   tel 0670496791
days: thursday (?), friday (gothic dark, rock, crossover, elettrogoth, chemicals- Indastria), saturday (pop, soft rock, colege punk, chemicals, revival- Rock Arena)-Starts at 22:30 Closed during Summer
admission: from 7.75 to 5.16 Euro drink included.
venue: about 500 people in, nice inside, nice lights, more or less cheap prices for a disco (about 7000 L (3.62 Euro) a glass of beer)
Comment about rock nights: Black Out started to organize, since this last  part of 2000, nice alternative gigs. That increase < lot the opinion we have about this venue. The problem with the disco nights is that 3 years ago they had the same tracklist of today. After 6 years since the Green Day "Dookie" and the Offspring "Smash" issue, there's no reason to dance only and always "When I come around" and "Self esteem". It is also always present Marilyn Manson and the Prodigy (such a bore!!!). They never put the 100000 new songs just issued, and also Pogopop (who's got no memory at all), knows in advance the night track list as it were a wizard. We don't want to say it's DJs fault, 'cause it seems that the owner doesn't want too many changes: no news is good news. The people attending the venue is decreasing & less alternative. We're sorry but it's no more the rock music "polar star" in Rome, but there's anything else if you don't want to go to the social communist centers. As Dexter said, a weekly customer of the venue, pogo is allowed again on the dance floor.

C.S. Brancaleone
via Levanna 11   (Montesacro)              tel 0682000959
days: always- Friday: AGATHA night (chemical, fusion, drum'n bass, acid jazz)
admission: subscribtion ( 3 Euro)
venue: Pogopop has seen better social centers but this one's got a good concert hall & disco which can guest about 300 people in. Cheap prices for drinking & food.
comment about rock nights: lot of electronic music, few or no rock and roll. Well organized nights.
Great concerts here until 2 years ago: Blonde Redhead, Sophia, June of '44, Rachel's. On friday there's the "Agatha" night, with DJs from Radio Città Futura. Attended by alternative people.
They prefer Drum'n'Bass, Big-Beat, Chemical. They have a lot of international guests.You can check their nights taking their flies at the record shops or checking their web site.

Cantina Lebowsky
vicolo dell'aquila, 14  (campo de' fiori - via dei baullari/ Vittorio)  tel./fax 06.68134620
days: always-cocktails, snacks, shows, videos, vintage stuff...
admission: free entrance
venue: not visited yet
comment about rock nights: the evening cocktail idea along with good music selection is very good and original.

Circolo degli Artisti
Via Casilina Vecchia 42,   (Appio) 0670305686
days: ?
admission: you need a season ticket (4-5 Euro) + the night ticket
venue: quite big, 4 halls
comment about rock night: the organizers of this venue have an old tradition of alternative rock music in Rome. Lots of historical concerts were hosted in the old Circolo degli Artisti venue, now they moved in this new building and Pogopop will check it very soon. Disco rock nights, in the past, were  not so good unfortunately. During the week end Radio Rock organizes a commercial rock disco. If you like the average rock, accepted also by the prerock generation, this disco is for you: the tracklist is always the same, including all the rock hits which are in fashion since 4 years in this jurassic capital. No chanches: from the abused "Should I stay should I go" to japanese cartoon songs, till the 80th different version of  "Video Killed the Radio Star" etc. etc.
If you are into the real rock and truly punk and if you're not that kind of obsessed who have fun always with the same music, well, it's not good for you to spend a saturday night here, even if this disco's having a lot of success. We got bored everytime.

Via di Libetta 3     tel 065728857
days: all
admission: you need a season ticket + ticket, depending on the night
venue: quite big, stage and bar in the same floor. Nice and good looking venue.
comment about rock night: the venue has got a great tradition always hosting good musicians and band. Check the schedule on the web site. You'll find there also the video recording of the best Classico's gigs. At the moment the Classico Village along with Radio Citta' Futura is organizing amazing gigs with indies, high.pop bands as The Music, Ikara Kolt, Interpol... along with alternative disco nights.

Coetus Pub
days: always
admission: you get in with a season ticket (5 Euro, but generally in the other venues it is free), normal-high  prices.
venue: quite big, classic slazy pub with tables and a little central stage. Terrible acoustic.
comment about rock nights: ...

via dei Sabelli 2 (S. Lorenzo)  tel. 064958338
admission:  you get in with a season ticket, normal prices to drink.
venue: medium size, about 200 people, with tables and a small dance floor.
comment about rock night: THE DDT has been for 2 or 3 years (since the end of 1994 till the half of 1997) the meeting point of the roman alternative music youth. True music lovers, antifashion and creative. It has been the most beautiful rock-punkrock-britpop disco in Roma. There were two nights, on tuesday (punk-rock,grunge)  on wednesday (britpop and rock) animated by very good DJs/music lovers. Every night a different set of songs, even not known. Every time they could surprise the happy people of the venue. Pogo were free and funny.
In the niddle of 1997 the venue changed in bad: why? People changed, music became boring..... the end of a myth. Nowaday you can find at the DDT a rock night on tuesday. Last year it was not so bad but the venue is on decadence, attended by different (shitting) people. We don't know if it is still opened or not.

Via dei Funari 21A      tel 0668805024
days: WEEK END
admission: drink included
venue: still to verify
comment about rock nights: the DJ Diego plays for you '80s music, gothic, wave, industrial.... mostly for roman gothic people. 
Ex Magazzini Generali

Via dei Magazzini Generali 8 bis     tel.  065758040
days: all
prezzo: it depends on the show, generally low prices or free entrance.
venue: very nice, two leves, capacity about 200-250 people, beer and drinks at good price
comment about rock nights: it depends on the scheduled show. Saturday POPvenue disco with Fabio Luzietti & Andrea Esu DJs (Radio Città Futura  97.7 F.M): indie, brit-pop, chemical beat sound from 60’s to 90’s.

C.S.O.A. Forte Prenestino
Via Delpino   (Centocelle)         tel 0621807855
days: always
admission: by subscrition (3,5 Euro)
venue: Forte is the most beautiful social center in Rome. It's suggestive due to its location and structure (old military fortress). This center should be attended by very good graffiti's painters as the walls inside are very well coloured. It has got two stages, one for the winter in a big room for about 300 people and one for the summer, on the outside with no limit space.
comment about rock nights: Lookout records, Fatwreck, Epithaf,Dischord and other indie labels organizes their gigs here: from MrT Experience to the Queers, from the Smugglers and Groovie Ghoulies to Fugazi and hundreds more, and only due to this it's in the Gotha of the roman music. Very good bands play here (Mano Negra, NOFX,Half Japanese).

Frontiera Music Club
Via Aurelia 1051 (near Grande Raccordo Anulare)  tel 0666180110
days: this venue is CLOSED
venue: quite big, 1000 people, with balcony, it COULD be beautiful.
Very essential architecture & forniture, no posters on the wall, no writings, no anything (we don't know why they don't improve this building. A little bit of passion, damn!!!). But they have a great stage inside with beautiful lights. Decent acoustic, no seats but the balcony.
comment about rock nights: saturday night is usually opened by a band (very often, sadly, a cover band).
These cover bands, unluckly, play a little bit more than they should do. They should play 40-45 minutes, not more, except if the audience asks for more. Rock disco is not that good here too as the songs and the track listing are always old and repetitive. But why??? It's owner's fault even here or it's DJ's fault (maybe they don't listen music at their home)??? Or they believe that rock people is - lile a dinosaur - still into 5 years ago music????????? In this venue tehre are less concerts than in the past and also not publicized at all. This is the reason because there were 40 people for Grandaddies and 60 for H-Blockx (2 years ago they were 600). Is it so difficult to attach 10 posters beside the most known record shops???? Instead of selling them at 1000 L each at the end of the concert attended by 60 people (not due to the name of the group - that after are sad about roman audience - but due to the fact that romans didn't know of their concert). Who organizes gigs at Frontiera should know that when we told around that H-Blockx played (60 people, we just told you) everybody answered us: "H-Blockx played? And when?".

C.S. Hai visto Quinto?
Via         (Prati Fiscali)            tel
days: always
admission: by subscription (2.5 Euro), drinks are cheap but limited. A small beer bottle costs 1 Euro.
venue: it's a large ruined room near a park. No painting on the walls, only politic symbols & writings. Classic social center, more lived than well kept.
comment about rock nights: punk-hardcore-straight edge concerts. Avail and Squirtgun played here. Organization is not so good. Guest bands have to do by their own and they're penalized 'cause nights go on in a totally anarchic way.
We think that "Hai Visto Quinto?" people should learn a bit more for more experienced social centers. If you don't treat well the bands they will not come back in Rome and this is a miss for everybody!!! 
Heavy Metal Rock Cafè

Via dei Querceti 21   (Colosseo)     tel 06
admission: free entrance, you pay just during a concert, you can eat and drink at normal prices.
venue: it is wonderful. It is the most beautiful alternative venue in Roma. Huge, with megavideo, great stage in the middle. It is a pity they are all involved only in Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Black Metal, Grind progressive, Gothic and Speed...
comment about rock nights: until May 2000 the gigs were organized by Baffo, the roman prince of Metal now we don't know. You can consider it a very good Video Pub.

Kaos Club
Vicolo del Leopardo, Trastevere    tel. 06
days: thursday and saturday
admission:  5 EURO
venue: still to visit it.
comment on the rock night: they have both hard-core nights with international guests and concerts and sixties disco.

Il Locale
Vicolo del Fico 3     tel 066879075
days: always
admission: 2.5 Euro -5 Euro it depends from the group playings. Normal price for drinks (4-5 Euro)
venue: nice. The stage is on the right of the main door, more or less a big pub with a stage, 100 people audience size. Mostly attended by pretty fly pretending rockers.
comment about rock nights: everyday a gig but very few are good.. mostly roman bands and one or two in a month an italian band more or less alternative.

Via Tiburtina 870
days: everyday
admission: cheap
venue: still to check
comment about rock nights: live music: from classic rock to punk. Dance floor for happy parties.  
Locanda Atlantide

Via dei Lucani 22 b
days: all
admission: low quotes.
venue: nice and cheap
comment about rock nights: NO NEWS ABOUT THE VENUE

Vicolo S. Francesco, Palestrina (50 Km SE Roma) on via Prenestina, tel 0338/7353486
To go there: from Roma, take Via Prenestina or Via Casilina, then you take the Grande Raccordo Anulare (G.R.A., the ring of Roma) and from there you can take the Highway Roma/L'Aquila and exit at Tivoli. Otherwise you can take the Highway Roma/Napoli and exit at S. Cesareo. When you're in Palestrina you must go towards Museo-Tempio Fortuna Primigenia-Convento di S. Francesco.
days: always but close on Tuesday
admission: free but with ARCI card, quite cheap prices (beer 3-4 Euro)
venue: very nice. Digged in the rock like a cavern, it's a nice pub with a stage. Well organized, it's attended by rock people of this little town and from other towns around and also from Rome.
comment about rock nights: we attended different gigs here and they went well 'cause well announced with flyers in roman record shops.

via Labicana 29   tel 067008040
days:  ?
admission: around 5 Euro or less.
venue: still to visit it.
comment about rock nights:  no news about the nights

Viale dell'Oceano Atlantico 271/d (EUR)  tel 064747668
days: by program (see in record stores)
admission: it depends from the concert or the night.... beer 5 Euro)
venue: it's a place made for concerts. About 2000 can stay in there, maybe more.
comment about rock nights: actually they organize concerts more or less good, even if the most of them are from italian bands not so good. About rock nights, it's very nice the "Toretta Stile" disco with DJ LuzyL e CorryX generally on saturday night or before holidays. Lot of fun and full of young people check it out.(5 Euro)

Via Cristoforo Colombo (EUR)
venue: it's a Sport Hall made for basketball or volleyball. All the "great" gigs are made here.

Via dei Serpenti 32 (metro Cavour)
days: week end    Stigmata e Coresect
admission: 5 euro included one drink
venue: still to check
comment about rock nights: well known gothic Djs.

Via di Portonaccio 212
days: all
admission: Free, normal prices to drink
venue: big, 4 dancefloors with several different DJs.
comment about rock nights: commercial music nights organized 

Via Premuda 3/a (metro Ottaviano)  tel 06 39751163    Skorie Industriali
days: all
admission: free, cheap beer and food
venue: very post industrial, dark and metallic.....
comment about rock nights: very good music always 

Via dei conciatori 7c
days: friday
admission: cheap
venue: to be checked
comment about rock nights: DJ AMPTEK (radio citta' aperta 88.90) the resident DJ plays techno elektro metropolis music. International famous DJs are hosted.

Via Vacuna 98
days: all
admission: free
venue: nice
comment about rock nights: punk rock hard core nights

Transilvania Horror Rock Cafe'
Via Merry del Val 13/A  (Trastevere)
days: all
admission: free- you pay to drink
venue: horror atmosphere due to Dario Argento owner (famous italian horror films director). The venue is big, lot of smocke, high volumes and in classical horor style: skeletons, hanging bodies, blood, tombs everywhere. Pictoresque place. The really boring thing is the loooooooong line you have to do before entrance, with a stupid big guy that selects people witout any kindness.
commento alle serate rock: gotich night.

Vecchio Mattatoio
Via Monte Testaccio 23
days: all
admission: 3.5 euro. low drink prices
venue: very simple.
commento alle serate rock: we don't like reggae hip hop kind of music so we can't have an opinion about. Sometimes they organize punk rock gigs.

via Cairoli 29  (Piazza Vittorio)  tel 062283511
venue: very nice, even if it's too distinct the separation between the dance fllor and the bar. In Pogopop opinion, this is the reason why the people after the concert leaves the dance floor instead of remaining dancing.
comment about rock nights: historical gothic-dark wave venue. But on friday there's the pop night, mostly sixties oriented and specialized in intellectual brit-pop. You can find often here gigs for about 100 people. Stage is really small but this avoid the audience dispersion. Velvet organize also big attended gothic concerts but the bands need to play at the Alpheus (Death in June for example). Check out its web site if you'd like to know more.

Villaggio Globale
Lungotevere Testaccio  (Testaccio), tel 0657300329
days: always
admission: by subscribtion 3,5 euro, beer  1.55 Euro, the bottle.
venue: at the back of the ex Mattatoio, it's better of the "Hai visto Quinto?", but still far from "Forte Prenestino".
Open air concerts in winter too. Not good to pogo during gigs due to the stone ground.
comment about rock nights: lots of concerts were organized here, from Donnas to Dickies, till the historical fake of Rage Against the Machine. Myth tells that about 20000 people came to Rome from the whole Italy and island (and Pogopop saw them!!!) to attend the free concert of this crossover group, cancelled 10 minutes before due to the stormy weather (????). A part from this unforgettable story, concerts are well organized, even if the venue is scattering. 

Via dei Conciatori 7/C  (Quartiere Testaccio)
day: ?
price: 5 euro
venue: still to check
comment about rock nights: still to check

Via di Monte Testaccio 22 (Testaccio, ex mattatoio)
day: Tue-Fri
price: 3-5 euro
venue: Open dance floor
comment about rock nights: no news about the venue. 
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The biggest rock club in Italy! 5.000 people can be contained in this huge venue with 4 different dance floors: the central arena (ROCK- GRUNGE- CROSSOVER-SKA- PUNK- ELETTRONICA), the SPAZIO PROFONDO area (deep space room): REVIVAL ROCK 60/70/80 HAPPY MUSIC, the AFRO ROOM: NEW AFRO STYLE- REGGAE- ETHNO- TRIBAL, and a  METAL ROOM with POWER- HEAVY- BLACK music. 6 BARs + fast food and a pub. Price: 9.50 EURO (included a beer or a drink, the price is always the same also if there are big gigs organized). 


VELVET Via S.Aquilina 21    0541756111


Il Covo Viale Zagabria 1, tel. 051/50580

Poveromo di Cinquale (Massa Carrara)
Baraonda Via Stradella 547, tel. 0585/807245
Ponderano (Biella)
Babylonia  1 h. da Milano, A4 uscita Carisio, 45 min da Torino uscita Santhià
Reggio Emilia
Maffia Music Club Viale Ramazzini 33, tel. 0522/922280

C.P.A. A1 uscita Firenze Sud

Pinarella di Cervia (Ravenna)
Rock Planet Viale Tritone 77, tel. 0544/987423

Limena (Padova)
Circolo ARCI Plan 9 Via C. Battisti 65F, tel. 0347/6962335

Mezzago (Milano)
Bloom! Via Curiel 39, tel. 039/623853
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