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Alternative record shops inRoma

V.le dei Quattro Venti, 237-239 (P.le E. Dunant). Tel. 06 5814243

price: good, used Cds about 5 -10 euros, new Cds about 17-18 euros.
genres: almost all, vynil, used records and rarities. Many samplers among the used Cds (Britpop, punk, new wave, rock).
choise: good.
friendly: family affair. It is a little shop always full of people. the owners are nice and friendly (thank you MARCO)

via di Fortebraccio 20/A, Pigneto, tel. 06 3148348, -
price: usually normal/ cheap (17-18 Euro a cd)
genres: find attached!
choise: good.
friendly: yes, this shop is specialized,you will find people updated and happy to give you some good advice.

APRILIA (30 KM SOUTH FROM ROME) Via degli Olivi 46 Aprilia (LT). Tel/Fax 06 92014218, have a look here.
price: the pricelist is online
genres: Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly Hillbilly, Western. Swing Jive.Swing,DooWoop, BoogieWoogie R&B, Soul.Blues Punk, Oi! Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Surf,Instrumental Lounge, Cocktail, Soundtrack Country.Folk,Tex Mex.Cajun Punk'n'Roll,Garage Punk Beat, Garage Psychobilly,Trash
choise: in the average.
friendly: to be checked.

Disfunzioni Musicali
via degli etruschi 4-14 (new + used cd), 06 4461984  website to check the records availability
price: not cheap (19.63 Euro, cd new, 10.33 Euro used)
choise:good, but not like some time ago.  Often sold out.
friendly: it depends.....
This is a Pogopop's reader (Bas from Holland) comments:
Genres: Big shop. Has a lot of jazz, pop, alternative rock, hardcore, metal and rock. New vinyl / cd's and small secondhand store nextdoor.
Friendly: yes, but slow.

Just like Heaven
via di Tor Pignattara 55       (Torpignattara)    tel
price: good, Cd new 15-16 Euro, used 8-10 Euro.
genres: almost everything, depending on the owners preferences (Britpop, punk, new wave, gothic, rock)
choise: good, often sold out.
friendly: good, owners are into music and they like to talk & suggest.

via Silvestro Gherardi 90/102  (viale Marconi)  tel 06 5578922
price: inthe average/cheap.
genres: almost all (Britpop, punk, new wave, gothic, rock, metal, commercial)
choice: good. Good stuff and some rarities. Sometimes the record stands are set in a random way.
friendly: good.

Mille Records
Via dei Mille  29-41 (Staz. Termini) tel. 06 4453902 - 4453738- 4453835
price: normal, Cd 18 Euro, used even at 11 Euro
genres: everything, but more metal & hard rock. Lot of jazz.
choice: good for metal & hard rock, less for the others
friendly: good

Doctor Music
Via dei Gracchi 41 - 43, (Prati) tel/fax 06 3200543
prices: normal,18 Euro, used 10.33-13 Euro.
genres: almost all, specialized in country rock. Lots of vynil and also bootlegs.
choice: normal.
friendly: good.

Porta Portese (flea market)
On Sunday only.
Entering from the main city-door, go straight on for a bout 500 mt. (in reality it's difficult to say the exact distance). It's on the left side of the road. Don't blur it with the ones who sells fake CDs. It's a large desk with 4 people in the hole of the desk you can recognize them, well.
prices: good, CD from 5.16 Euro till 15-17 Euro
genres: almost all. It's not specialized but here you can find CD sampler for radio (Britpop, punk, new wave, rock).
choice: good.
friendly: it's a Cambodiaaaaaaaa.

Transmission Records thank you to  Bas for this review
Via dei Salentini, 27, (San Lorenzo) 00185, 06 44704370,
prices: reasonable, but has some very interesting collectables
genres: everything but has a emphasis on Gothic, metal and wave music. Also second hand vinyl.
choice: good.
friendly: Friendly, very helpfull owner.

Metropoli Rock   thank you to  Bas for this review
Via Cavour, 72 Roma, 06 4880443 / 06 48903529.
prices: Depends what you're looking for but sometimes a bit too expensive.
genres: Vinyl walhalla, lots of choice and lots of genres. Also cd section.
choice: second hand albums, pop, rock and italian music.
friendly: in an italian way.

Pink Moon
Via A. Pacinotti 3/c (near V.le Marconi)    tel. 06.5573868  (to buy on-line!)
prices: good, Cd  from 5 till 15-16 euro
genres:  almost all, lot of vynil, second hand and rare stuff too. All stuff are not in order, so you miss a few time in checking but this is the nice thing!. Here you can find punk rock vinyl. You can also visit the shop and order your favourite records online.
choice: very good.
friendly: Excellent, the owners are fond of music and very expert
The Bas review: If you are looking for second hand vinyl and cd's and new vinyl and cd's, go to Pink Moon. It's the trip well worth. We took the train to Travestere, and then it's only a 5 minute walk. Good shop, good staff.

Via Nomentana 113 (near Porta Pia)  00161   tel. 06.44252628
prices: good, CDs and vynil from 5 till 10 -15 euro
genres:  lot of vynil, hardcore punk, ska, rock steady reggae soul post rock garage, oi! fanzine, t-shirts, rare stuff. Here you can find punk rock and good stoner vinyl too.
choice:  good.
friendly: Excellent.

Ricordi Media Store
Via Giulio Cesare e Via del Corso (near to Piazza del Popolo)
prices: in the average.
genres: you can find many bands also from indie labels. Currently Ricordi improved a lot its quality even if it remains some lacks.
choice:  good.
friendly:  Clercks are not so into the music world so don't expect a good advice from them, but they are generally very kind people. 
 Messaggerie Musicali

Via del Corso 473
price: in the average/expensive.
generi:  great choice, many genres and a lot of bands are represented in the new Messaggerie Musicali stands.
choice:  very good. You can find also many international music magazines.
friendly: yes.

Discoteca Laziale thank you to  Bas for this review
Via Giolitti, 263 06 4464277 (Next to Termini station)
price: If you're looking for new cd's this is the place to go. Always some euro's cheaper then all the other stores. Very small new vinyl section (dance and italian pop). Good DVD section, also cheaper then anywhere else.
genres:Mainstream, rock and pop, the usual stuff.
choice:  good.
friendly:Small family bussines. Grandma is behind the counter so don't expect too much expertise. But very kind.

...and in Italy
Supporti Fonografici
Corso di Porta Ticinese 100    WWW.SUPPORTIFONO.COM
On line records store specialised in: alternative rock, elettronic music, gothic, italian pop, trip-hop, reggae, rap, indie pop, industriale, punk.

Viale Monza 26   Tel.Fax 02 2613274
Punkrock, Oi!,Hard Core, Rocksteady, Ska

BLAST, via Germanasca 12 f.
indipendent records labels only ,new and used lp and  cd.
t-shirts,sweatshirts,pins etc original printing.
open from 11 am to 19 - monday closed.
Phone:  0114340497  -

Conegliano (Treviso)
Jungle Records
Via Maset 27/29

Via Vaccaro 36

Via Sopramuro 48

Varazze (Savona)
Via L.Corsale 23/25

Freak Out!
Via dei Mille 3/d

Latisana (Udine)
Sonic Box
Via Sottopovolo 48

Virus Promotion
Via Mazzini 64/a

Via Mazzini 64/a

Noise Art
Vicolo Quadrelli 5
Vigliano Biellese (Biella)
Vacation House
Via S. Michele 56
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