26 JAN 1999
Queen of the stone age Nova
Helmet Bisquits for smut
Catherine wheel Way down
Green Day Christie Road
Pyogenesis I thought
Unwritten Law Sorry
Terrorgruppe Amerika
The Offspring Walla Walla
Punk rock girls + Louie Louie 
     Roma 23.01.1999
Pennywise Slowdown
UK Subs I live in a car
Screetching Weasel Cool kids
The Hi Fives I go feral in just three days
Gli ignoranti In cerca di Betty
Blur On my own
Pixies Wave of mutilation
The Smiths The headmaster ritual
Juana la loca Perfidia
Belle and Sebastien Sleep the clock around
Servotron Serve obey guardman from harm
Air Kelly watch the stars
Weezer Undone the sweater song