The Queers, Forte Prenestino (Roma)
 23 jan 1999
It changed the Queers line up but Joe Queer (after the show  we came to know why.....) and also the label, passing from the Lookout to the Hopeless records,  finally after 2 years here were again the Queers at Forte Prenestino (a social center in Roma).
Before the Queers, as  guest, has played a good punk-rock band from Genova (Italy), The Furies, from the Refridge Records (which produces  and delivers a lot of Lookout and other punk-rock and surf groups in Italy).
It was very cold so Joe Queer came on stage totally enveloped in 2 sweat-shirts inflating and warming immediately all the people that at midnight were reduced as pure ice waiting for his performance.  The Queers played songs from the new album  (Punk Rock Confidential) and old tracks from the early works, raising back to the  years of the hard punk. Tell the several and original ways the people jumped from the stage, making stage diving and crowd surfing, falling with the back on the cold little stoned floor of the Forte Prenestino, is impossible: no kind of powerfull expressions  could describe the pain of the hit on the ground...not but  the  involved ones ... The pogo has been violent and constant for the whole concert. The best songs played, in my own opinion, have been "This way sucks", "Punk Rock girls", "No tits" along with the wonderful covers of "Rockaway beach" from Ramones and  "Louie Louie" from Chuck Berry. A few minutes after the gig, thanks to the Refridge Records and Giordano, we had a short interview for our trasmission, hiding from the cold night with Joe Queer in a Forte's room where the band was hosted.

Pogopop: "Hello! here we are with the Queers, exactly with Joe Queer: ciao! Joe how it was the tonight concert here in Roma?".
Joe Queer: " Wonderful!!! It was very funny, I think it has been the best gig in Italy for this year!!! we've played in Vicenza and Milano, where we have had  fun, but tonight it was absolutely the best gig!!!".
Pogopop: "How is going on the tour in Europe?".
Joe Queer: "Very well, we're in Europe since two weeks, but this tour is going on much better that 2 years ago. We stay very well know, our old drummer, Huge, passed by two days ago...and tomorrow I'll come back home... he'had  a brain tumor...tomorrow I'll go back home for his funeral...we cancelled 2 gigs, in Voghera and Genova ... but it's OK, the tour is going very well". We remained very sorry for this...we didn't know before.
Pogopop: " What about the new album (Punk Rock Confidential), Joe?"
Joe Queer: "Well, the new album is "Punk rock confidential"...we changed the  label, we left Lookout and now we are at  Hopeless records and we also changed the line up.  Huge passed by 2 days ago.. and B-Face is now with the Groovie Ghoolies, so we've now a new line up and a new label....this record is cool, is nice, I like it, is more pop than the others, is cool!  It's selling good and we're happy, it's very good not the best we've done but I like it because it's funny. I know that a lot of kids will say that's not so punk as in the past, but the next album will be more punk!". It looks like a promise.
Pogopop: "Which is the difference between the american and the european audience?
Joe Queer: "I don't know...we're bigger in USA, but I don't Europe the kids dance in a more punky way, in USA they do more slam- dancing...they jump a lot....The kids are very similar everywhere, they have the same reaction in Europe as in USA as in Japan. Who listens to the Queers, generally, listens also to the Green Day, to the MrT Experience and Screeeching Weasel and even if they speak different languages, the kids behave very similar everywhere".
Pogopop: "Which is the club or the venue where you have had more fun in all these years?"
Joe Queer: " The funniest gig? know, we have played with the Dickies and the Ramones, but, yeah, maybe it was in Portland with  Dick Tail, he plays surf guitar, yes, we had a lot of fun with him.... but also here in Roma ...Forza Roma!! ".

This interview has been broadcasted the 26th of january 1999, during Pogopop, of course.
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