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What's Pogopop ?
Pogopop is an indipendent and totally autoproduced radio broadcast about punk-rock, pop,astro-music and new wave and all kind of alternative music.
It started in 1997 on BBS Master Radio, then on Radio Espansione (89.95 FM), Spazio Radio (88.150 FM) and Power Station (100.5 FM) during the period from 1998 to jan. 2000. From january 2000 to 29th june 2000 it has been on Radio Espansione 89.950 FM. After a period of radio search from 25th march 2001 Pogopop broadcasts on Radio Città Aperta (88.90 FM)
In Roma there isn't anything like this....Unfortunately the new music diffusion, overall the new european and worldwide music scene, is poor known by the roman citizens, so POGOPOP's  purpose is to spread the seeds of the good music in Roma and everywhere!!!!!
Pogopop has put its three best 1998 groups in the playlist of Espansione Rock on the Rocksound magazine, click here to see it !!!
Who is Pogopop?
Pogopop is leaded and created by Maria Elena and Lorenzo.
Which  bands does Pogopop broadcast?
Pogopop loves all the bands from PUNKROCK(starting from Ramones to the Unwritten Law, The Queers, The Vandals, Prozac+, Terrorgruppe, CCCP, The Mr T. Experience, Green Day, Offspring, and, of course, Bad Religiooooooon!!!!!) to HIGHPOP (Blur, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, The Dandy Warhols, Elastica, Audioweb, Juana la loca, The Mommyheads, Ash, Placebo) to ASTROSURF (as Man... or Astro-man?, the Phantom Surfers, Servotron, Venus Vega$), to the Pixies, Weezer, The Breeders, The Rentals, King Prawn, Veruca Salt, Eels, Cake, to the mutant (Beck), to Nirvana, Joy Division, New Order, Morrissey and the Smiths,Bloodhound Gang,,Blonde Redhead,,Rage Against the Machine and Monk, to the Desert Rock (Queens of the Stone Age), Gluecifer, the Hellacopters, Electric Frankenstein and many many more, also YOU!!!!!!!
Does Pogopop organize concerts?
Pogopop would like to organize concerts in Roma. It is very hard because the venue managers are not so generous with the bands playing...and sometimes they don't keep the agreements...anyway we  really want you make to play in Rome!!!  we'll give you all the info you need and we'll try to organize a date for you!!! If you're interested in, contact us as soon as you decided to play in Roma.....the venues define their schedule at least two months before, so is very difficult to find a place if you don't give us the right time to look for you.
Send us your demo and some informative stuff about the band (your history, where you're used to play etc...), tell us what you need to play there (bed and meals, money etc..) along with some technical info (used PA etc. etc.) and if you're available to share the stage with another band.
How is Roma like?
Roma is wonderful! You need at least 7 days to see just a part of our city.The weater is always warm, there is the sun 360/365 days a year and the sky is light blue during the day and blue-bright the night.The people is beautiful but stressed by the traffic jam, which is the main problem of Roma.
There are 1000000000 things to see, to study, to eat and drink.There are many places where to have fun and some rest. We're at 30 Km from the sea and 70 Km from the snow.....so visit us!!!
But if we want to talk about the music scene....well it's poor if compared to the other European capitals. Few bands decide to play here, because we're a little bit far from the middle of Europe, so Roma is not so easy to reach, and then because we lack of venues, place where to play, founds dedicated to the alternative music etc...
How are the Roma's recordshops?
ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!  Unfortunately we  have few interesting recordshops for people who love  the punk-rock-pop and astro-surf stuff!!  check out the recordshops and venue page.
Which is the favourite Pogopop recordshop?
Amoeba Records (San Francisco, CA)
we can't forget Amoeba!!!

Lookout Recordshop (Berkeley, CA)