Roma, Curva Sud dello Stadio Olimpico
23 luglio 2002
durata concerto 155'

The old Bob seems to be in a great form this night.
About 12.000 people attended the show in the Curva Sud of Stadio Olimpico, the temple of A.S. Roma fans.
The concert started with Plainsong and had a lot of songs from the past:
A great "The Kiss", "Torture", "If only tonight we could sleep" from the Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me album, and "Just Like heaven" in the enchires too, then a lot of songs like "Siamese Twins", "One hundred years" and "Pornography" from this magnificent 1982 album, while they played "The drowning man", "Faith" from the "Faith" album, while from Seventeen Seconds they took "Play for today", "M" and "A Forest".
Also they played "In between days" from The Head on the door" and only "Three Imaginary Boys" from their first album. Definetely an anti-pop gig, for the joy of "old" fans and the sadness of the girl which I heard saying at the beginning in roman dialect "Let's dancing". But she has been very quiet 'cause she couldn't dance "Charlotte sometimes", she didn't know it!
By the way, from Disintegration they did "Plainsong" and "Lovesong" and "From the edge of the green deep sea" has been played for the Wish fans. Also "Watching me fall" and "Bloodflowes" from this album. And.. oh yes! "Shake dog shake" very powerful! I thought to find less people but I was wrong: The Cure are still loved and it's too early to quit, Robert.
Plainsong, Open, Torture, The Kiss, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, Shake Dog Shake, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Last Day of Summer, Watching Me Fall, Siamese Twins, One hundred years, Bloodflowers, Pornography, Disintegration.

1st Encore: Three Imaginary Boys, M, Play for Today, A Forest
2nd Encore: Cut Here, Lovesong, In Between Days, Just Like Heaven
3rd Encore: The Drowning Man, Charlotte Sometimes, Faith (with extra lyrics)


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