This is a map of the italian alternative music radio broadcasts. We mean alternative music as the music which is generally not aired by the commercial networks. Marco of Transglobal Underground launched the idea of a web ring and with an e-mails chain we collected, until now, these subscriptions. We are waiting for other contacts from Italy and from everywhere, so write your proposal to  POGOPOP or to Transglobal Underground. Generally all these radio broadcasts are autoproduced by the same DJs, indipendents and tought as a good tool to spread around music, musical info or events without any profit. We really believe that the "philantropic" soul and passion which feature these transmissions are useful elements to support and launch unknown bands and events.
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Pogopop (since 1997)
Brief broadcast description:  Pogopop is specialized in Punk Rock, HC, High Pop, Power Pop, Surf, Stoner-Glam Rock, Post Rock, Pop Wave, New Wave, Dark.
DJs: Maria Elena + Dj Lorenz
Schedule: SUNDAY - 19.00 to 21.00.
Radio: Radio Città Aperta,(88.90 FM) or by the NET. More info here
Area of broadcasting: Rome and Rome's area by Radio and everywhere by the web.
Kind of Music aired: punk rock/stoner/HighPop/HC/post-rock/surf/ astrosurf/ new wave/ dark
Address to send demos music stuff: Pogopop – Via Grottarossa, 55 – 00189 Roma – Italy

Brief broadcast description:  synth-punk, rock'n'roll, naked cheerleaders, '77 pearls, power pop, alkaline trio?nothanks! many chats about this issues...
DJs: Lavi Tigre and Michele Riduttore
Schedule: sunday h 23:00 - 23:00
Radio: Radio Onda Rossa (87.90 FM)
Area of broadcasting: Rome
Kind of Music aired: synth-punk, rock'n'roll, '77 pearls, power pop
Address to send demos music stuff: call Lavi at +3906 491750 or e mail her

Brief broadcast description:  Blues Culture/KRONOS: Music forever young
Schedule: MOJO STATION tuesday h 23:00/01:00. KRONOS: - sunday h 23:00/01:00
Radio: Radio Città Aperta,(88.90 FM) or IN STREAMING
Area of broadcasting: Roma e Lazio
Kind of Music aired: Blues, ROCK CLASSICS
Address to send demos music stuff: GIANLUCA DIANA, RADIO CITTA' APERTA, VIA CASALBRUCIATO 27, 00159 ROMA, ITALY

BBOX RADIO-Brazilian Radio!!!
Brief broadcast description:  alternative music from São Paulo, Brazil.
DJs: Alex Borba
Radio: it's a web radio, click here to listen to:
Area of broadcasting: the world
Kind of Music aired: brazilian and indie music
Address to send demos music stuff:

Transglobal Undreground (since 1998)
Brief broadcast description: the main feature of Transglobal Underground is the alternance of 2 djs musical tastes:  punk & co with Marco, rock & metal with Damiano.
DJs: Marco Ercolani + Damiano Corrias.
Schedule:  Wendsday  15.30 to 17.
Radio: Radio Antenna Spoletina (93.20 FM) – Tel. 0743/22.35.81
Area of broadcasting: Perugia, area around Perugia, Terni and area around Terni.
Kind of Music aired: punk/ska/oi!/HC/SxE/reggae/rock/metal
Address to send demos music stuff: TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND c/o Marco Ercolani – Frazione San Venanzo, 133 – 06049 Spoleto (PG) – Italy

Brief broadcast description:  all about HC/Punk and crossover. You can call to leave a message or a musical request.
DJs: Alessio Menichetti.
Schedule:  friday 18.00 to 20.00
Radio: Radio Antenna 1 Rock Station (104.700 FM stereo) – Tel. 0536/83.12.01
Area of broadcasting: Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma and part of Bologna and Ferrara.
website:   it is possible to listen to the broadcasting in streaming, by  windows media player free downlodable from the web site.
Kind of Music aired: punk/ska/oi!/HC/SxE/crossover

Noise attack! (since 1998)
Brief broadcast description:  heavy rock alternative music, hardcore and metal. The playlist is characterized by new bands, "old and famous" tracks, and demos. Lot of bands as guests-interviews
DJs: Bocha a.k.a. Stefano Barbieri (Hard Core-Old and New School)
Schedule: friday  21.00 to 22.30
Radio:  Radio Fujiko (94.7 mhz) Via Andreini, 4 – 40127 Bologna
Tel. 051/51.91.79 (job line) e 051/51.95.99 (studio)
Area of broadcasting: Bologna and area around.
e-mail: (Bocha)
Kind of Music aired: HC old & new school/new metal/crossover/industrial/noise
Address to send demos music stuff: Stefano Barbieri – Via  San Frediano, 12 – 40136 Bologna – Tel. 051/58.31.71

Brief broadcast description: more than 7000 tracks on rotation - news and oldies, from italian and international bands. It is specilaized in alternative italian music too.
DJs:Rude and AOB are the DJs selecters.
SCHEDULE: 24 on 7 it is a webradio!
Kind of music aired: hardcore, punk, ska, emocore...
Address to send demos music stuff:GIANMARCO CANNELLA - VIA CICERONE S.N.C. - 03037 PONTECORVO (FR).

SKANKIN-RADI-ON(since Febbraio 1999)
Brief broadcast description: from 13.20 to 14.00 Oi! & punk, from 14.00 to 15.00 ska. Lot of exclusive interviews!
DJ: Claudia a.k.a. Miss Jamaica
Schedule:  not broadcasting at the moment
Radio: Radio Flash (97.6 FM) – Tel. 011/51.78.051
Area of broadcasting: Torino, Asti, Cuneo.
Kind of Music aired: oi!/punk/ska (from Jimmy Cliff to Voodoo Glow Skulls)
Address to send demos music stuff: Claudia Colonia – Via Ivrea, 14/b – 10090 Rivoli (TO) – Italy

SPYTIME  (since 1998)
Brief broadcast descriptione: Spytime is a radio and web broadcast (with a 6/7 seconds of delay). Spytime is linked to the Spytime webzine: rich of interviews, reviews, links, pics and contacts. Spytime is about Mod and Skin music and culture and also about psychobilly, northern soul, rocksteady, skinhead reggae, surf, garaga e rock’n’roll, street rock (oi! punk).You can ask for songs by e-mail.
DJ: Dj Matt
Schedule: not broadcasting at the moment
Radio: Radio Fragola (Trieste) – Popolare Network– Tel. 040/575051
Area of broadcasting: Trieste and area, part of Slovenia and Croatia.
Kind of Music aired: ska, rocksteady, skinhead reggae, mod 79, northern.
Address to send demos music stuff: Matteo Rizzi   Casella Postale 941  34100 Trieste  Italia

Viaggiare (since 1999)
Brief broadcast description: Viaggiare: a trip in the indie music!
DJ: Lorenzo Giannaccini
Schedule: Monday  21:30 to 23:30
Radio: Radio Babilonia (Viareggio - Lucca) 96.5 fm, tel 0584-32331
Area of broadcasting:  Lucca-Massa-Pisa-Livorno-Carrara-La Spezia-Pistoia
Kind of Music aired: punk-rock-folk-postrock-postcore
Address to send demos music stuff: Radio Babilonia Viareggio (LU) via Pucci  to "Viaggiare"

EASY SKANKIN' (since Maggio 1999) 
Brief broadcast description: devoted to ska, reggae and rocksteady, world music scene from 60s to now. Interviewswith famous italian musicians, introduction to novelties and several musical gender (from punk to dub).
DJ: CICCIO & PAOLINO from "Franziska"
Schedule:  Tuesday  22 to 23.
Radio: Radio Onda d'Urto; Via Leoncavallo, 22 -20100 Milano Tel. 02 / 28.27.494
Area of broadcasting: 98 fm Milano; 106.5 fm Brescia, Cremona,Piacenza; 104.3 fm Val Trompia; 100.1 fm Val Camonica e Lago d'Iseo
Kind of Music aired: ska, reggae, rocksteady and developments (from punk to dub)
Address to send demos music stuff:Francesco Bolognesi, Via Cassano d'Adda, 14 20139 Milano Italy

(since 2000)
Brief broadcast description: Broadcast of alternative music. No advertise!!!! They focus the program on young bands. It is a WEB RADIO!!!
DJs: Francesco, Foley, Exnor.
Schedule:  from 21:30 and over...check the website!!
Area of broadcasting: the maximun number of listeners at the same time is 32. You need Winamp 2.5 or upgraded version to listen to PNK radio.
Kind of Music aired: punk, hardcore, grunge, metal.
Address to send demos music stuff: snail mail:Francesco Tamagni, via case sparse n.5 Agognate 28100 Novara (NO)