16 mar 1999
Ramones Do you remember rock and roll radio? 
The Vandals My girlfriend is dead
Bad Religion Along the way
CCCP Curami
Pyogenesis I thought
Screeching Weasel Cool Kids
Green Day Christie Road
Lagwagon Mr. Coffee
Queen of the Stone Age Avon
The Hellacopters You are nothing
Satanic Surfers And the cheese fell down
The Offspring Walla Walla
Nirvana In Bloom
Terrorgruppe Ich will nicht mit dir gehen
The Mr. T Experience I feel for you
Unwritten Law Sorry
Elastica Love like ours
Graham Coxon Where's you go
Catatonia Mulder and skully
Oasis Live forever
Weezer El Schorcho
The Beautiful South Dumb
Venus Vega$ My Shadow invain