Guide to the alternative zones of New York

New York is a wide city but very easy to understand. The rules to know for the people who look for music, gigs and "alternative" culture are the following:
1) buy a confortable, resistant and handly map, to mark the several place to visit on, in a very strategic way. Mark the pathway to make, and do it by walk, if it's possible..
2) buy the Village Voice, if you didn't find it free along the street or inside Tower records or in other recordshops: it's a  must if you want to know all the NY gigs, recordshops etc etc. It costs 1,50 dollars. The alternative is Time Out....but V.V. is better.
Place to visit
The coolest place in Manhattam is DOWNTOWN. From West Downtown to East everithing is great!!!!! The Greenwich Village, SoHo, the East Village (very punk 77) with St. Marks Place, contain the best recordshops, venues, pubs and oddest and interesting people of the city. No problem if you decide to visit them the night (of course, stay where the crowd is!). Cross the Brooklin bridge to see the city from the  Brooklin Promenade. In front of it there is the Pier 17. If you have planned to do some cheap shopping go around Canal st. and the East Village.
Cultural Intermission: if you have not seen any, you have to go to the Manhattam museum, from the one of Natural History to the MOMA. No excuse to avoid to see them! If you are from Europe you can skip some.
Generation records,  210 Thompson st. (best value!). In the parallel streets (i.e. in the middle of the Greenwich Village) there are many used and new cds shops: you have just to spend some time to find them. More or less 1 day. Another one is  Second Hand,  on Sullivan st.  200 and more (I found it close, but the people say it's good),
St Marks place: is the "alternative" street…there are more or less 4/5 used recordshops… you have to spend at least 1/2 a day there: be sure you'll never be bored!!  it's close to Soho, Bleeker st., Bowery st. etc. etc…
Cool Venues
DON'T FORGET to bring ALWAYS with you an IDENTITY CARD!!!  In USA there is an age limit both to drink alcool and (incredible) to attend a gig in a venue. Even if you look like 40 you're not allowed to get into a venue and/or drink without an identity card!!!
You can't loose the chanse to see the  CBGB!!! All the great musicians played there! It's at 313 Bowery street. There are 2 CBGBs, one at # 313 (the hystorical one) the other is at #315 (it's like a little art gallery which hosts also concerts). If you can't go there the night, visit it during the day: you have just to kindly knock and ask to enter for few minuits: it's wonderful!!

Other cool venues:
 161 Hudson Street
Coney Island High
15 St. Marks Place
 at the beginning of St. Marks Place
51 West e 21st Street
Hammerstein Ballroom
311 West e 34th Street
Bowery Ballroom
 6 (?) Delancey Street
Go to the leaflets page to have an idea about the shows you can find in these places.
If you know more, please! Give us your contribution to this page!!! We'll be very happy!!! write to POGOPOP!
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