Questo è il volantino  del concerto a Palestrina (Roma) del 3 Luglio 1999
This is the leaflet of the gig in Palestrina (Roma) July 3rd 1999

Da "Il Messaggero" del 4 Luglio 1999 (clicca l'immagine per leggere l'articolo)
An article from "Il Messaggero" July 4th 1999 (you can find the translation after)

From "Il Messaggero" July 4th 1999
Mark Sandman's death, Morphine's leader
His last words: <<Thank you Palestrina>>
<<Thank you Palestrina. It's a wonderful evening, it's great to be here and I wanna dedicate you a super sexy song>>.
The last words pronounced by the Morphine's leader Mark Sandman at 11.15 pm of Saturday evening, a few moments before dying, will remain impressed into the memory of all the audience who attended the "In the name of rock" Festival. At 47 Sandman passed over in this way, with the bass guitar in his hand, under the frightened eyes of the thousands of people which, never like this year, crowded the Prince's Park. They saw him falling behind, while he was talking. <<It seemed a joke - a fan explains - but when I saw the saxophonist to throw away the instrument and run onto him I felt my blood icing>>. In a few seconds from the audience (standing motionless, in a respectful silence) came out two male nurses (one from the Coronaric Division of Palestrina Hospital) and a doctor who rushed on Sandman.
After less than 5 minutes, an ambulance came in through the free road prepared by the organizers, but it was too late.
Police and doctors confirm: any use of strange substances, it has been a natural death. That strange pain to the shoulder who afflicted Sandman since a couple of days it was the hidden signal of an incoming cardiac arrest, a cardiac arrest which ended his life in the middle of a concert that he really wanted to play. <<It's all so incredible - one of the members of the "Nel nome del rock" association tells, touched - He was a great man. During the two days he spent in Palestrina he wanted to visit everything, he was in raptures. He also made us change the schedule: he wanted to sing half an hour more than our agreement >>. While he's talking, Enrico pick up the faded flowers, under the stage. <<He wanted them - he continues - It seems it was a habit, but today it has all a different meaning>>.
Among the "Nel Nome del rock" boys there are many red eyes and bitterness. There's the will of give up the last festival evening.
But Queens of the Stone Age are coming from U.S.A.
<<Don't stop everything - Dana Colley, Morphine's saxophonist, recomends - Mark wouldn't have wanted. He lived for the music, he died with the music.

Da "Il Corriere della Sera" 4 Luglio 1999
E'morto sul palco della rassegna «Nel nome del rock», a Palestrina (Roma).
S'è accasciato davanti al microfono e a duemila spettatori, con il suo basso
a due corde stretto tra le braccia, ed è arrivato già senza vita al vicino
ospedale. Mark Sandman, 47 anni, fondatore della cult band americana di low
rock Morphine, è stato stroncato da un infarto dopo avere interpretato una
manciata di canzoni. Pubblico e organizzatori sconcertati. Esclusa dai
carabinieri l'ipotesi che la morte possa essere collegata all'assunzione di
Considerato uno dei migliori bassisti d'ogni tempo, Mark Sandman (originario
di Boston) aveva fondato i Morphine nel '90. Prima aveva fatto parte dei
Treat Her Right, gruppo dal carattere blues. I Morphine sono una band molto
particolare, dalle sonorità inquietanti, ipnotiche, fumose e intense, in
bilico tra rock 'n' roll, jazz e cantautorato, e dall'impostazione
strumentale alquanto singolare. Infatti, oltre al bassista e cantante
Sandman, ne fanno parte il sassofonista Dana Colley e il batterista Billy
Conway (che ha sostituito Jerome Deupree). Quattro gli album all'attivo
della band: «Good», «Cure for pain», «Yes» e «Like swimming» del '97,
pubblicato dalla Dreamworks di Spielberg, Geffen e Disney.
A Sandman piaceva raccontare un aneddoto riguardo al nome del suo gruppo:
«Una volta, passando una frontiera, un poliziotto mi chiese perché ci
chiamavamo Morphine. Gli risposi che era un omaggio a Morfeo, il dio greco
dei sogni... E allora il poliziotto commentò: "Proprio una buona

From"Il Corriere della Sera" July 4th 1999
He died on the stage of the «Nel nome del rock» Festival, in Palestrina (Rome).
He felt down in front of the microphone and two thousand people, with his two chords bass guitar in his hands, and he arrived lifeless to the near hospital.
Mark Sandman, 47 years old, founder of the american low rock cult band Morphine, has been killed by an heart attack after singing a few songs. Organizer and audience astonished.
Police excluded that the death could be linked to drugs overdose.
Mark Sandman (from Boston), judged one of the best bass players ever, founded Morphine in 90s. Before he was with Treat Her Right, a bluesish group. Morphine are a very peculiar band, with hypnotic and uneasy sounds, emotional and thick, between rock 'n' roll, jazz and author's singing, and with a very peculiar instrumental impostation. Infact, besides the bass player and singer Sandman, there are also Dana Colley, the saxophonist and Billy Conway, drummer (who replaced Jerome Deupree). There are four albums out from this band:: «Good», «Cure for pain», «Yes» and «Like swimming» from '97,
edited by Dreamworks, the Spielberg, Geffen & Disney's label.
Sandman enjoyed to tell a short story about his band's name:
«Once upon a time, crossing a border, a policeman asked me why our band's name was Morphine. I answered that it was an homage to Morfeo, the greek dream's god... So the policeman concluded: "Really a good answer!"».

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