MONK Roma 29th jan. 1999

Pogopop: Hello, today Monk are the Pogopop guests. Monk are a dutch band which reached a very good position in the dutch indie charts with their album "Dionysos" and they are having a very good success in Germany and in the rest of Europe. Actually they are in Italy on tour and Pogopop tonight will broadcast a special session for our listeners and an interview.
So, would you please introduce the group to our listeners?
Monk: The band is on singing Arjan, I am the guitar player, Arjan, we've got Paul on bass guitar, Verner on drums and don't forget our least but not last Alfredo on mixer and our tour manager René.
Pogopop: When did you start playing?
Monk: We started playing about four years ago and it took three months to put the band together.... yes, then we played, we played a lot.... it's about 4 years ago now.
Pogopop: How can you describe your music?
Monk: I think you can describe it as a hysterical picture of the hysterical society of the '90s... everything go very fast and it leaves some empty holes inside... we tried to put down it on music.
Pogopop: How do you compose your songs?
Monk: We climb on a mountain, put all the guitars there and start (laughing).... No, in Holland we often rent a farm, in northern part of Holland where everything is flat and almost no people in there.... so we rent a farm and then we step inside for one week. We don't come out, we just make music. That's the way we actually work, sometimes we start with the music, sometimes with the words....
Pogopop: How is working with Tim Buktu, Uncle Ho, DNL & Gorefest producer?
Monk: it's working good, we learned a lot from Tim Buktu about the basics and how to do better music.... also we played a lot live, overall in Germany and Holland, so we are very glad for the things we learned from him, so we do better shows, bigger shows in Germany.... it's good.
Pogopop: Is this your first time on radio?
Monk: Live yes! But we had some interviews and we have been broadcasted in several countries... in Italy, also in Germany, in Holland, we've been on the national radio in Australia, Chili (or Brasil?) and States.
Pogopop: How's going on the european tour and which has been the gig where you had more fun?
Monk: It's going good, we are now on the road since one week and it's a hard work but for Monk is very good beacuse we had last year deep and now we find our trust and our spirit back again to work, to play live, to solve the problem that we had on the road.... the bus broke down, we didn't get the boat on time almost .... so it's very good for Monk to be on the road. We do about 22 gigs through whole Europe so we're very busy.... all the six guys who will work together for 6 weeks.. it' really good (singer voice: it's not true, it's just sex, 'n' drugs 'n' rock 'n' roll !!!)...
Pogopop: Which has been the gig where you had more fun?
Monk: Galgaari..... Calgari.....
Pogopop: Cagliari!!!!
Monk: Oh yes, Cagliari!!!!
Pogopop: Where will you go after the italian tour?
Monk: we'll go to Switzerland for about 3 shows and then we'll go to Austria for one show, then back to Switzerland for another show, then to the Czech Republic and Slovenja, in tour with Atari, a finnish band, for 7 or 8 concerts in Czech and Slovakia.
Pogopop: You played in Bologna, Verbania, Sinnai, Cagliari, Salerno, Pisa and Asti,  apart this session for Pogopop.... what you will remember about Italy after this tour? BE SINCERE PLEASE!
Monk: if we going on drinking like this we probably won't remember a thing! The country is very beautiful, the wine is very good..... but that motherfucker stole my guitar, so that's the thing y' know (some asshole stole the Monk's guitar in Cagliari while they were putting instruments on the van, n.d.a.)... and he stole his guitar case... but we'll remember Sardinia.... from Italy we'll remember just the good things, which are a lot!
Pogopop: Would you like to say hello to Pogopop's listeners?
Monk: Of course! This is Monk live from radio Pogopop and we wish you all the best and.... don't believe dype.... Ciao ciao!


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