Frontiera, Roma
12 Nov 1998

Pogopop: So what about this concert in Rome?
Dave(H-Blockx): Well first of all, we were kind of... we were a little bit shocked that there was not many people here as they watched us as two years ago but I find out two minutes ago that the advertising for the club were wrong because they put on the 18th of November for our show and today we have the 12th, so a lot of people probably didn't come because they will be here in five day but... then again, the 60 or 80 people that were here celebrated us very well and made us feel very good up on stage and we really appreciated because it doesn't really matter in front of how many people you play. And the people that were there liked like music and go off like they did tonight everything is fine and we really appreciate that, we were happy and we had some fun up on stage today very much, just as much  that we had two years ago.
Pogopop: How it was the Vans Warped Tour experience?
Dave(H-Blockx): Well, the Vans Warped tour for us was very very interesting and very very exciting . On one hand we had the chance to play with a lot of bands that we liked, we admire and inspire us and inspired  us and will still inspire us in the future, on the other hand we were able to play... or we had the chance, with very little time, to catch the eye and ear of a lot of people, because every band only play thirty minutes and that's not a  lot of time and it was a great challenge for to play in front of so many people, in few time and considering that, I think, it was very good for us because every concert that we've played  I had the feeling that at least all the people really liked our stuff and it was really good.
Pogopop: We attended five times the Vans Warped Tour in 1998 and we think that the Hamburg show was one of the best, what's your opinion about it?
Dave(H-Blockx): Well, I remember Hamburg it was a good show because it was one of the shows that it was in Germany and since we're from Germany it's always a lot easier to play in front of our  own audience. I remember the Hamburg show, it has been something special since that was about the time the other bands got to know us and watch us and even admire us in a way and we thought that it would never happen but at that point I remember that a lot of bands looked doctors and said "Good show" and  packed our shoulders. That was very good for us, expecially Lagwagon and Unwritten Law really appreciated us.
Pogopop: So, your first album was really influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers, what about this last one?
Dave(H-Blockx): Yeah I think... I mean the first album "Time to move" was definetely influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers and without Red Hot Chili Peppers I believe... there wouldn't be H-Blockx without Red Hot Chili Peppers, let's say like that, but with the second album "Discover my soul" and this last one, this new one "Fly Eyes" H-Blockx shows a sign or a style which, let's say like this, the H-Blockx style in all of three albums is that we have no style. That means in other words that we don't limit ourselves, we use a lot of other stuff to influence our base of rock 'n' roll. We take trip-hop, we take punk, we take grunge, we take hip-hop, we take hardcore, we mixed up everything in a melting pot pretty much and what comes out is... I think is very unique and very fresh sound and on each album "Time to move", "Discover my soul" and "Fly Eyes" we have a lot of different songs, slow songs, hard songs and all songs are emotional, and there's something special in different styles I believe...
Pogopop:  Is it your name from the Irish prisons, right?
Dave(H-Blockx): We needed a name, we looked into a book, we thought: "That's sound good", there's no story behind it nor political intentions.
Pogopop: How is the german musical scene now?
Dave(H-Blockx): Well, we have a lot of good hip-hop  act coming up, so coming new ones, old ones, Der Fantasticher ???? for example or Funf Sterne Deluxe, or other bands, maybe not known, through Viva Tv and MTV here but... in Germany there's a very alive scene but unfortunately the record companies within Europe do not show too much risk or interest in helping these bands to come up and give 'em a chance. They're still very strict in their policy, just doing certain type of music and hopefully taht will change in the future.
Pogopop: Do you think the problem is that these bands sing in german while you sing in english? Maybe it's easier to spread your music in english....
Dave(H-Blockx): Oh yeah, it's a lot easier to spread around in english but, then again, I don't think the problem is because those bands sing rap in german, the problem is that the record companies do not take to many risks, actually they don't take any risk at all.
Pogopop: We knew a german group called Terrorgruppe which is very good...
Dave(H-Blockx): They are on indie record label, let's say too, do lot more things than somebody unknown would do with a major label.
Pogopop: We also saw Die Toten Hosen. They play a lot of cover songs!
Dave(H-Blockx): Oh yeah, unfortunately they play more cover songs than their own songs but, then again, I believe Die Toten Hosen are a very old band already, they have a big history and they can pretty much play  anything that they want because they  are konwn, aknowledge, punk band... that's what they do!
Pogopop: Well, would you like to say hello to Pogopop listeners?

Dave(H-Blockx): Hi, this is Dave from H-Blockx and you're listening Radio Espansione and Pogopop!
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