2 apr 1999

It has been a wonderful surprise the Duotang gig!!! We were interviewing the Hi Fives when we start to hear the Duotang songs and realized they were FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Duotang were the support band for Hi Fives at their concert here in Roma. They played about 40 min making also a cover of Pixies (Eh!). They released this interview for us and then we went together to have some fun in a disco: a great night!

Pogopop: Would you like to introduce your band to the Pogopop listeners?
Duotang: I'm Shon and I play drums and I'm one half of the Duotang, Rod Plays bass and he's also the vocalist, we brought along a friend from Winnipeg to play with us during this tour. His name is Angus, but Duotang is   Rod and myself Sean.
Pogopop: You're from Canada, who produces your albums?
Duotang: We're produced by Mint records in Canada, by Carolina Records in USA and by Sure (???) from Amsterdam in Europe.
Pogopop: What about your last album?
Duotang: The new is called "Cons and Pros" that's is in Europe on Sure rec.  We produced it with the producer of Sloane, a very big in Canada, Randy MacGuare. He produced a lot of good bands in Canada and in USA.  The album is out since one year in Canada and 2 months in Europe.

Now we had a little intermission and we talked about our favourite drinks, and Sean confessed he drinks scotch every night.

Pogopop: How it was the tonight show in Roma? You had a good success for a band not known!
Duotang:OH YES!!!!!! It was amazing, it's so beautiful in Rome! We were playing when the moon was out and the people were very friendly and seemed to be enjoying it, so we had a great time, we had a few difficulties with  Anguse's guitar, something was going wrong but beside that we are having fun every night, the shows have all been great and people have been very friendly, and this is like.... amazing. I don't wanna go home!
Pogopop: Last question is about the Pixies cover: you've done it very well! We belove Pixies: were you influenced by this band? Or is it because the singer is also a bass player and so he obviously like the Pixies!
Duotang: From the 80's we love the Pixies and also we like the Joy Division very much but also the 60's bands as the Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Small Faces and yeah! We've done the Pixies cover because actually it gives me a break, 'cos I don't play drums and I get tired and I can have a super beer!
Pogopop: Would you like to say hello to the Pogopop listeners?
Duotang: Ciao Pogopop! Salut!!


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