October 27th 1999 Roma, C.S. Brancaleone
POGOPOP: So, tonight, we're here at Brancaleone with The Donnas!
Donna A: Hi I'm Donna A!
POGOPOP: Which is the correct pronunciation of Donnas because in Italy we say Le Donnnnnnas
Donna A: Oh that's more beautiful, we say The Donnas (one N)
POGOPOP: In Italy "donnas" means something like women. Did you mean the same  when you started playing?
Donna A: it wasn't intentional, it was just for fun
POGOPOP: this is the third time that we see The Donnas live, the first one was in S. Josè...
Donna A: (very surprised) at the Cactus Club! Really?
POGOPOP: yeah, you were supporting the Mr T Experience; the second one was in Roma Villaggio Globale and now, today.
Donna A: you're the coolest!
POGOPOP: ...you improved a lot since the first time, you're a great  band now!
Donna A: Thank you!
POGOPOP: It must be wonderful to be young & beautiful musicians and to travel around the world playing: how does it feel?
Donna A: Well, it's kind of sad, because we can never see the sites and never seen the Colosseum. Actually, last year we drove by at two o' clock in the morning and I was sleeping and two of us: - Wake up!  Wake up! Here's the Colosseum, and I say: - Oooooh!
Giordano: I remember that! I took you to take an icecream...
Donna A: Yeah! I remember you! I hope we can do the same tonight!
POGOPOP: What about your new album? Which are the differences between this one and the other two?
Donna A: This one we did we wrote all the songs by ourselves. Do you guys have you met Darril? He didn't write this album with us. Which is, you know, partially just because a lot of people that's all they hear, you know, once the year we had a guy helping us, it's like we lose all our credibility, I mean, and I cannot wish that. He will be ok because he's great songwriter, you know, and it's fun, we're friends, it's fine to write songs a time. But ehm, it's just a kind of... it's like not, fair you know, as it seems we can't write songs on our own...
POGOPOP: You did a very long tourneé in Europe last spring, and now you're back again. What about european fans?
Donna A: This tour has been a lot better and I've seen and met a lot of people who were at our shows last year, and that's cool and it's always nice to know that people, you know, they came and it was good enough for them to come back! And, I think a lot of people, as you said, think we improved since last year and that's nice to hear too... It's nice because you're more packed and people seems to know the words... Kind of a making us a good show... Lots of the people know the the songs!
POGOPOP: Which is the band you like more at the1
Donna A: Ehmmm... AC DC !!!!
POGOPOP: Who wrote the letters at the back of your album? Are they real or what?
Donna A: Well, these four that you can read are kind of made from other real letters....
POGOPOP: what kind of letters do you get?
Donna A: Actually we get a lot of letters from jail.
POGOPOP: from jail?
Donna A: it's weird that more than half of the people that write us from jail send us lyrics. They wanna us to make it a song. (they say) "I won't ask for any rights or anything" but you know when they get out of jail and "Give me my money" (laughing).
POGOPOP: Would you like to say hallo to Pogopop listeners?
Donna A: Hey, this is Donna A and you're listening to Pogopop on Power Station.
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