4 maggio 2000

Out Of This World, Watching Me Fall, Want, Fascination St., Open, The Loudest Sound, Maybe Someday, Shake Dog Shake, Edge of the Deep Green Sea, Inbetween Days, Sinking, Prayers for Rain, 100 Years, End, 39, Bloodflowers

1st encore: There Is No If, Trust, Plainsong, Disintegration
2nd encore: M, Play for Today, Just Like Heaven, A Forest
3rd Encore: All Cats Are Grey, Faith.

Show was about 2 hours and 50 minutes

(Thanks Remo)


Corriere della Sera
Con i Cure riecco la festa del punk-rock
(Maria Elena dice che chi ha scritto il sottotitolo non capisce niente di generi musicali
ESEMPIO DI PUNK-ROCK: Green Day, Bad Religion, The Offspring, NOFX ecc. ecc.)
A Milano 12mila fan per la band inglese: lanci di palloncini e balli scatenati


Un crescendo di violini, proiezioni al color viola. Si spengono le luci e arrivano loro, i Cure, i più giovani fra i grandi vecchi del rock. La batteria irrompe maestosa e parte, dopo una lunga introduzione di chitarre e un lungo applauso, «Out of this world», seguita da «Watching me fall» (11 minuti che dimostrano la genialità chitarristica del leader), entrambi dal recente «Bloodflowers». Quasi dodicimila spettatori ieri sera al Filaforum di Assago per i veterani inglesi del rock nati nel '76 e cresciuti all'ombra dell'indiscusso leader Robert Smith. Quasi tre ore di concerto tiratissimo a confermare un genere vario e raffinato, con tutti gli elementi cari ai fan d'ogni età.
I Cure, saliti alla ribalta mondiale nel 1982 con «Pornography», riescono ancora a mantenere l'etichetta di band underground, in qualche modo «pura», spaziando dai funky trascinanti al genere dark, da brani solari ad altri psichedelici o orientaleggianti. Nel '99 correvano voci di un imminente scioglimento, ma l'arrivo dell'album «Bloodflowers» e il tour in corso (che approda domani al Palasport di Firenze e l'8 al Palaeur di Roma) hanno smentito la circostanza pur avendo Smith pubblicamente esternato le sue incertezze sul futuro.
Da «Bloodflowers», come in altri concerti di questo tour, i Cure hanno proposto pure il brano omonimo (un
tappeto sonoro di percussioni «spaziali», una melodia intima) e la facile e orecchiabile «Maybe someday». Ieri sera la tifoseria, preparata e agguerrita, è apparsa divisa. Per taluni «Bloodflowers» è l'essenza prima del gruppo, per altri la continuazione di un manierismo cominciato tempo fa. Ma i Cure capeggiati da Smith, 42 anni, riescono ad aggregare un vasto pubblico giovanile. Molti i cosiddetti post-punk: maglietta, capelli corti, bicchiere di birra, qualche discreto tatuaggio o piercing, ragazze col bicipite «palestrato» in bella mostra, alternativi ma senza eccessi né eccentricità di look.

Lo spettacolo ha confermato l'unicità dei Cure nel panorama rock internazionale: hanno unito ancora una volta qualità e orecchiabilità. Smith, senza metterla giù tanto dura, domina la chitarra in modo eccelso, precursore di quelle venature etniche che oggi van tanto di moda. Successo trionfale, lanci di palloncini, danze sfrenate, atmosfera da spensierati anni '70.

Mario Luzzatto Fegiz
Review by Lucy

I can't believe the Cure sang M in Milan yesterday night! It is the song I asked in the Cure competition!!!
The first part of the concert was really quiet, people were only listening to the band, almost unusual for italian people that are usually mad to the concerts. Maybe it was because the Forum was so hot. I enjoyed very much Sinking and Prayers for rain. Also the new songs I liked very much, but you can understand, I can't compare how much I like old song to the new one, although I like the Bloodflowers cd a lot, one of the best they ever did.

The encores were great people started dancing and shaking and singing aloud. I felt so well... they played all my favourite songs, especially The plain song, Play for today and Disintegration and of course just like heaven and M. I liked very much the lights and the stage. Robert was very kind and walked all around the stage saying hello to everybody and in particular to somebody on the first rows...I guessed foreign Cure fans. I remember also last time they played in Milan to the Forum there were pleople from abroad in the same place. Another piece of my dream became true yesterday night, althought I would to see more Cure concerts and letting my dream be true again.

Comments by Blaine
the show of milan was brillant!!!
the encores were so great that there is no words to describe how wonderfull it is.
I have seen the cure many times since 1987 and I can say this show was one of the best one I have ever seen .
Comments by Fed.
A great show, where we realize who The Cure is again most best band, especially "live". The crowd is fantastic.
More fans dressed black, with lipstick and mascara, dance and scream, and Robert is happy. He give kisses with
hands. What concert !
Review by Jean Paul

I am a Cure fan from 1985 ( I am young...) and I attended some Cure show before this. Last time i saw the Cure was in Lyon, July 1998. I found that show a bit weird and not very well played.
Tonight I was curious about both the live performance of Bloodflowers material, both on the setlist, because I read about the ones of the previous shows and because in Italy The Cure use to play the most obvious songs.
First the lightset is the same of the last tour beautiful and effective with something new: the screen behind the band has become more interactive with imagines according to the mood of the song and not only abstract kaleidoscopes. It reminds me the nine inch nail's one of the 96 Closure tour.
I can say that, globaly the show was pretty good, despite the awful sound of the first 4 songs; the band seems to have reached a good feeling after what happened in their '98 performance.
After Want (with a shameful sampled guitar) and Fascination Street which, as I said were a mess, Open was the beginning of the real show. Perry Bamonte seems, finally, to get clever in playing Cure's cover!
After Open honest versions of the loudest sound (with interesting images of separation on the screen) and maybe someday follow without harm. Shake dog shake is powerful as it should but the first song I really enjoy is a beautiful from the edge of the deep green sea: well played and heart compelling as usual.
After in between days, sinking (already played in '98) and a prayer for the rain (why Robert always makes that acute?) a very violent and desperate 100 years is surely one of the highlights with his unique pace and images of destruction delivered by the screen.
After a good end a very poor version of 39 and a not enough epic version of Bloodflowers (with some unforgivable guitar mistakes by Robert and Perry) closes the first part of the show.
The first encore is There is no If, my favourite song of Bloodflowers, but live it has a very disappointing
arrangement I can't describe (hip hop?) the drum machine does not fit the sweetness of the song really. After a boring Trust Plain song (THE opening song in an encore?) played as in the Wild Mood Swing Tour (e.g. with some extra samples) is followed by a aggressive version of Disintegration very satisfying despite the key mistakes of Roger. Anyway the band tonight seems to be more confident with the angry songs.
Second encore: M, I like this song and it's the first time I can hear it at a Cure show very good. Play for today, Just like heaven are fair and a forest presents a Robert's indecision in the opening arpeggio and a very short solo-ending.

Third encore: All Cats are grey: simply THE CURE absolutely magic, a reminder of what The Cure have been. Faith, as usual, ends the show with some rhythmic embarrassment but with some tears fallen.

I can say two things: the band is in good condition (anyway these are not the Cure they were 8 years ago...with Porl) and the setlist is a bit weird: I couldn't attend other Dream Tour shows, but the feeling is that the song chosen from the old (and ancient) album are the right ones: not obvious and with a common mood, but the sequence is not perfect: Out of this world opens the show, Want is the third song, Open the fifth, Plainsong is present as an encore, sometimes they play The Kiss, all this songs are very beautiful OVERTOURES and seem to lose sense played in the middle. The same could be said about Bloodflowers, End and Faith but. anyway is rare attend to All cats are grey or Siamese Twins in the year 2K.
About the new material there is something good but the arrangements are even poorer than on the records...
I hope this will not be the last tour, because The Cure (and the fans) deserve something more.