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Guys, What a great weekend I've spent in Ferrara, these were the first 2 Radiohead shows I've seen, and from now on I will try to catch them anytime they come back here!
Friday: on a very very hot and humid afternoon I drove to Ferrara to meet my  friend Stefano and some other U2/Radiohead fellow fans. Piazza Castello is a beautiful place to play a concert, it's very small so you can enjoy the show from anywhere you stand. I have to be honest, I didn't like the support act, "Low". Too quiet, too uninspired, or maybe I was just too excited to see Radiohead.
The band is at its best, the show is rich of a lot of different sounds,from a single piano to samplers and distorted guitars. Thom is like a littlemonkey, moving a lot on the stage, singing any song in a perfect way.
I really liked the "Paranoid Android"/"Idioteque" moments, you could even feel the entire square shaking.....amazing.
I stood on the very right side of the stage, almost front row, the soundwas brilliant. It was a sort of dead spot (most of the people moved to thecenter of the square to get a better view), so I could enjoy the show without any problems.
The saturday show has been even better. I went there quite late because I didn't want to hear "Low" again  :-) , so after 20 minutes the show started again. Thom was much more inspired, jumping up and down and asking the crowd  to do the same...causing some more shaking of the square!  :-]
 Highlist of the set was a BEAUTIFUL version of Fake Plastic Trees, along with a set of green lights that made me stare at the stage.The second night had a much more "rock" setlist, while the first night featured a lot of acoustic moments.
Say thanks to Stefano who made ALL THE PICS while I was taping. 
And please, do NOT miss them when they play in your Countries. 
They've got some magic that can't be explained with words, you must feel it on yourselves.