30 MAR 2000
Gluecifer Heart of a bad machine
Punkreas Sosta
Nirvana  About a girl
Verdena Fuxia
The Smashing Pumpkins Disarm
Lagwagon Eat your Words
Blink 182 What's my age again?
Prozac + Stonata
Offspring Bad habit
Misfits Halloween
Bad Religion Strange Denial
Lush Single Girl
Blur Blu.Re.Mi
Unwritten law Superman
Naftalina Se
Girls against boys Park avenue
Janes Addiction Mountain Song
Diesel Boys Melanie's Banks where can you be?
Riverdales I don't wanna go to the party tonight
Man of Porn  Dancing black ladies
Man or..Astroman? U235-Pu239
Muffs I whish that I could be you
Beastie Boys Sabotage
Ninhos Mutantes Veneno Polen
Green Day When I come around
The Cure 17 seconds
Mission Amelia
Bauhaus Passion of Lovers
Cranes Adoration
Monaco What do you want from me?
Southern Death Cult Fat Man
Sophia Every Day
Vendemmian Masquerade
In the Nursery To the faithful
Danse Society Somewhere
Balam and the Angel I won't be afraid
Creaming Jesus A Forest
Prozac + Boys Don't Cry
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