29th june 2000
Apollo 440 Stop the Rock
Dandy Warhols Not if you were the last junkies....
Prozac+ Senja
Mad Caddies S.O.S.
Shandon Vampire Girl
Green Day On the wagon
Mr T Experience You Today
the LADS Dusty fate
Blur Charmless man
Hives I hate to say I told you so
Unwritten Law Teenage suicide
Blink 182 What's my age again?
Operation Ivy Unity
Nashville Pussy Milk cow blues
Queens od the Stone Age Everybody wants it all
Gluecifer Get the horn
Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos Jamie Lee/Speed Limit 65
Intervista ai Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos
Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos interview
Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos It's too late
Mano Negra Santa Maradona
J Church My league college
Boss Martians Straight 8
Hi Fives I'd be so pleased
the Donnas Shake in the action
Vibrators Jumping Jack Flesh
L7 Crackpot baby
Queers Surf Goddess
Mr T Experience ...and I will be with you
La Tigre Deceptacon
Bikini Kill Jet Sky
Cosmonauti Mexico city
Servotron I sing! the body cybernetic
Man or...Astroman? Destination Venus
Madrugada norwegian hammerworks corp.
Blonde Redhead Hated because of great qualities
One Dimensional Man Ship
Sophia Another friend
Belle and Sebastian I fought in a war
Pixies Debaser
Grandaddy The crystal lake
Air Playground love
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