28th July 2002
Bad Religion I want to conquer the world
Jacklin Sparks
Blur Parklife
Bambix Frankie
The D4 Exit to the city
Distillers Young girl
Flipsides Punk underwood
Green Day Blood sex and booze
Sick of it all Us vs Them
CONCORSO!!!! FLOYD: squawk among us - 
a Fat Wreck/PinkandBlack/Honest Don's  production
Vincitori: Andrea, Alessio
FLOYD: squawk among us  COMPETITION!!!!!!
a Fat Wreck/PinkandBlack/Honest Don's  production
Winners: Andrea, Alessio
Fenix TX Something bad is gonna happen
The Vines Get free
The no WTO combo (feat. Jello Biafra and Krist Novoselich) let's lynch the landlords
Lo Fi sucks 67 times
Semprefreski Bongoloide
The Breeders Huffer
Jack Slip makes me thirst
Mad Caddies All american badass
Pixies Where is my mind
Nerf Herder Welcome in my world
Senzabenza A bullet in your heart
Balck Moses you'r gonna get it
Hermano Manager's special
The Ramones Today your love tomorrow the world
L7 Pretend we are dead
Man or...Astroman?
Man or...Astroman?CONCORSO! in palio 3 Compilations di Pogopop!
Spiega il titolo del pezzo dei MOAM?F=GMm/r2
Vincitori:Silvio, Alessandro, Mauro
Man or...Astroman?COMPETITION! win 3 Pogopop's Compilation!
What does F=GMm/r2 means?
Winners: Silvio, Alessandro, Mauro
Weezer Dope nose
No Use for a Name Dumb reminders
Damned New rose
CONCORSO! in palio il live degli Oasis a Roma, 27/07/02!
Vincitore: Silvio
The age of Pamparious
COMPETITION! win Oasis live in Roma, 27th 07 2002!
Winner: Silvio.
Stereototal Push it
Idlewild (I'm) what I'm not
The Flaming lips Yoshimi battles the pink robots pt 1
Taba Effect Bubano
Randy Win or lose
Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia
The White Stripes Hotel Yorba
The Cure Boys don't cry
Portishead Numb
The Smiths Bigmouth strikes again
Grandaddy Chrystal lake
Baulah A good man is easy to kill
The Housemartins Happy hours
Madness Benny Bullfrog
New Order Blue Monday