27th October 2002
The Offspring Session
'80s Matchbox B-line Disaster Fishfinger
Travoltas Praying for sun
PHP Virus
No Fun At All Beach Party/Aftermath
Greatest Hits premiere!
D4 Party!
The Liars Nothing is never lost or can be lost my science Friend
Smugglers Rocke and Roll was never this fun
Spoon back to the life
Muse Feeling good
Ash Warmer than fire
The Hellacopters You're nothing
The Cooper Temple Clause The devil walks in the sand
Prozac+ Senija
The Vines Outtaway
The New Bomb Turks Id sleeps in
Queens of the Stone Age God is in the radio
Punkreas Canapa
Sadie and the Scrubbs Get fucked
Bad Religion We are only gonna die
Pogues Fiesta
Interpol PDA
Nirvana Scentless apprentice
The Green Goblyn project wake up on fire
Trashman Surfin' bird
Ramones Surfin' bird/Cretin hop
The Real McKenzies Nessie
Motorama I can't explain
...and You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Another morning stoner
Stereototal Miau miau
Ryan Adams New York New York
Frank Black and the Catholics end of miles
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