27 April 2000
Offspring Self Esteem
No Fun at All Celestial Q and A
Bad Religion Atomic garden
Dwarves Better be women
Pennywise Same old story
Idlewild Little Discourage
Iron Maiden Hollowed by the name/ Aces High
Le Tigre Hot Topic
Lunacicks Down at the pub
Elastica Generator
NOFX Freedoma like shopping cart
Gluecifer Leather chair
Backyard Babies Mademe mademan
Boys Sets Fire Rookie
Hepcat Riding the region
Cosmonauti First Kiss
Green Day On the wagon
Little Lost Soul I've lost that loving feline
Pixies Velouria
Air Gordini Mix
Portished Glory box
Stereolab Brigitte
The Cure A Strange Day /A Forest (Live,Hollywood 19.02.2000)
Madrugada Vocal
The Smiths The Charming man
Him I love you (prelude to tragedy)
Warsav It's another girl
Death in June Gorilla Tactics
Joy Division Transmission
Mommyheads Annabelle Ann
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