25 May 2000
Blur Parklife
Bad Religion I love my computer
Prozac+ D+ come P+
Mad Caddies S.O.S.
Fu Manchu The action is go
Get up kids Holiday
Dance Hall Crashers Enough
Elastica Miami Nice
The Donnas Rock and Roll machine
Anniversary The heart is a lonely hunter
Weezer Surf wax America
Beach Boys Surfing USA
Cosmonauti The first kiss
Intervista con la redazione di Be Nice To Mommy Be Nice To Mommy's crew interview
Turturros We don't care
Retarded Stupid Boy
Manges My direction
The Queers Little rich working classOi-boy
Groovie Ghoulies The doughter of Frankenstain
Danny's Wendsday Why all this happens to me?
Real Swinger Six year old
Dead Boys Teddy boy 2000
Good Riddance Starting at zero
The Mopes Hoola Hop
Turturros Won't let me alone
Cult Spirit walker
Theatre of hate Original sin
Virgin Prunes Limbo
Blonde Redhead Hated because great qualities/In particular
Linea Maginot Ti vorrei
Kirlian camera Sea at memory
Diathriba Black room
Trees Frenzy
Rosetta Stone Cimmerian
Christian Death Deathwish
Le Masque The happy flock
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