25 Feb 2002
Iron Maiden Aces high
International Noyse Conspiracy A northner passage
Limp Oh no!
L7 Oh my rocking machine
Distillers Seneca falls
Fu Manchu Separate kingdom
Happy Noyse 60" of simple lesson
Fugazi Life or limb
Prozac + Criminale
Vandals Summer lovin'
Division of Laura Lee Need to get some
Rage against the Machine Know your enemy
Sick of it All Return to reality
Le Tigre TGIF
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Whatever happened to my rock and roll
Bad religion Can't stop it
The President of the USA Peaches
The Green Goblyn Project Grave-E/Pray at the silo
Nirvana Polly
PHP Ad alta tensione
NOFX Kill the rock stars
Outtareach Footsteps
Ramones Today your love tomorrow the world
The White Stripes Now Mary
Turbonegro Are you ready for some darkness
Starlighy Mints Popsickle
Stereolab Miau Miau
South Punx Il diario di Anna Punk
Vasco Rossi Asilo repubblic
The Excessories Summer
Joey Ramone What a wonderful world
Laundrette Be my chair
Pixies Bone machine
Superman lovers Starlights
Marcy Playground Sex and candy
Servotron Gammatron
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti Volo sulla mia citta'
Radiohead Karma police
The Rentals The love I'm searching for
Weezer Don't let go
Imodium In silenzio euforico
Bedroom Rockers Driving
Rayan Adams Gonna make you love me
Lando Fiorini Roma nun fa la stupida stasera
Lift to Experience To guard and guide you
CCCP Io sto bene
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