24 march 2002
AC DC For those about to rock (we salute you)
Bad Religion American Jesus
Breakaways Lotus Bay
Mach 5 Grida dalla strada
CCCP fedeli alla linea Mi ami?
Dropkick Murphys Baroon Heroes
MC 5 Empty heary
Fluxus Strane forme di vita
Prozac+ Hey dottore
Millencolin Punk rock rebel
The White Stripes Little room
Fu Manchu Hang on
POD Without jah, nothin'
Mad Capsule Markets Out/definition
BossHog Whiteout
Johnny Death's Surfpunk Orchestra Death gets around
Bikiny Kill Magnet
Rival Schools Good things
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Red eyes and tears
Frenzal Rhomb Do you wanna fight me?
The Distillers Young girl
Haven Let it live
Queens of the Stone Age Auto pilot
Lost Prophets Five is a four letter word
The Strokes The modern age
Le Tigre Well well well
The Green Goblyn Project Lonely Mary
AFI Malleus maleficarum
The Hellacopters You're nothing
Turbonegro Reggaree are a bounch of motherfuckers
The Gluecifer Burning white
Green Day My generation
Squirtgun My Jeanette
Cosmonauti Secret agent man
Built to spill Center of the universe
Belle & sebastian Sleep the clock around
Weezer El scorcho
Beck Pay no mind
Valentina dorme Claudia Cardinale da giovane
Tre allegri ragazzi morti Ogni adolescenza
Blonde Redhead Odiata per le sue virtù
Air Playground love
Thaiti 80 A love from outta space
Incubus Pardon me
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