23 Mar 1999
Bad Religion  Fuck Armageddon....
Vandals  Oi to the world 
Anal Babes  Shoot the hostages
No fun at all  Don't pass me by 
Rage against the machine  Bulls on parade 
Sick of it all Call to arms 
Ensign  Silent weapons for quiet wars 
The Beach Boys Surfing U.S.A.
The Hi Fives  Welcome to my mind 
Rancid  Hooligans
Squirtgun  My Jeanette
The Hellacopters  You're nothing
Green monarchs  Jr.high schoool
Pyogenesis  I thought
Green Day  Hitching a ride 
The Rentals  Friends of P.
Nada Surf  Popular
The Smashing Pumpkins  1979 
Man or...Astro-man?  Lo batt
Ash  Give me some truth 
Fridge  Cassette
Sophia  Every day
Belle & Sebastian Sleep the clock around