June 23rd 2002
Buzzcocks What I do I get
Misfits Hunting Humans
Meat for Dogs Angelo
Pennywise Alien
The Knack My Sharona
The Vanishing Spies Decoder ring
Unwritten law Teenage suicide
NOFX Timmy the turtle
Green Day Christie road/Dominated love slave
The New Bombs Turks Id slips in
No use for a Name Dumb reminders
The Donnas Speeding back to my baby
The Spring of Rage The spring of rage
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion She said
Bambix Loch Ness
Millencolin Punk rock rebel
Ray Daytona and the GooGoo Bombos Daytona demolition derby
Prozac+ Boys don't cry
No Fun at All Don't pass me by
The Apers At the highschool dance
Man or...astroman? Destination Venus
The White Stripes Falling in love with a girl
Rancid Ruby Soho
Terrorvision Easy
Verdena Spaceman
Motorhead Doctor Rock
Ramones Rockaway beach/Spiderman
The Moldy Peaches Steack for chickens
The Vandals Pizza tran
Marcy Playground It's saturday
Dandy Warhols Cool as Kim Deal
Pixies Debaser
Fabulous Disaster Sneak attack
Bad Religion The answer
Mogway Radar maker
Nirvana In bloom
Joy Division Transmission
New Order True faith
Screeching Weasel Speed mutation
Turbonegro I got erection
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Spread your love
Man or...astroman? Surf terror
Brutti ed impossibili Giu' l'anziano dal divano
Le Tigre LT tour theme
Solarized Iron hide
Oasis Roll with it
Grandaddy Summer here kids
Weezer Space rock
Madrugada Beauty proof
Mommyheads Jaded
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