23 MAR 2000
Green Day Brat
Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch
Punkreas Sosta
Verdena Fuxia
The Queers Punk Rock Girls
Boss Hog White Out
La Tigre Deceptacon
L7 Crackpot Baby
Duotang Thomas Green
Snow Patrol Starfighter Pilot
Fu Manchu Evil Eye
Killtime My Girl
Prozac+ Senja
Madness My Girl
Pixies Ehy!
Manonegra Love&hate
Bioevo Hail the Light
Elastica How he wrote elastica man
Weezer Surf Wax America
Intolleranza  Tifo Servaggio
Nerf Herder Curtney
Moby Bodyrock
Turbonegro Rock against Ass
The Cult She sells sanctuary
Joy Division 24 hours
Clan of Xymox Jasmine and Rosy
The Cure 100 years (live in London-feb. 2000)
Paradise Lost True Belief
Death in June Smashed to bits (in the peace of the night)
Siouxsie Dazzle
Blonde Redhead Distilled
The Cure Bloodflowers
Ataraxia Le ore rosa di Montesquie
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