21st October 2001
Fu Manchu Evil Eye
Tilt Come across
Damned Democracy
Nerd Gets the Girl Beach Bum
Green Day Cast away
Hellacopters Toys and Flavour
Henry Rollins Your number is one
No use for a name Soulmate
L7 Wargasm
Meganoidi Supereroi vs Municipale
Pornoriviste Spazio
Pure Rubbish Puredeath
Cosmonauti Mexico Beach
PhP Soluzione
Lagwagon Mrs Robinson (cover)
Eels Souljacker
Roots Radicals Urban Fight
Pyogenesis I tought I
Turbonegro Back to Dungaree high
Napalm Death Taste this poison
Agnostic Front Riot, Riot, upstart
Bad Astronaut vs Armchair Martian 17 years
NOFX Punk guy
Verdena Spaceman
Misfits Saturday night
Bloodhound Gang I hope you die
Bad Religion Portrait of authority
Scott Garth Cretin velour
The Nails All screwed up
Blur Chemical world
Prozac+ I do what I get
Motorama King Kobra
Ramones Judy is a Punk
Calexico The real (II)
Joy Division The kill
The Clean Stars
Cake Short skirt/ long jacket
New Order Someone like you
Red Hot Chilly Peppers My friends
Weezer Island in the sun
Gorky Zygotic Myncy Let those blue skies
Grandaddy A.M. 180
Phantom Surfers The great surf crash of '97/Rooting around for Ramona
Madrugada Blue
Muse Live in Roma, 27th april 2001
Beautiful South Dumb
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