20 JULY 2003
The Music Gate away
Gravy train Hella nervous
Le Tigre LT Tourtheme
Raveonettes Beat City
The Buzzcocks Love you more
Ash Burn baby burn
Eels Saturday morning
Magoo East Polar Opposite can dream
Turbonegro Denim Demon (Live Bologna 02.06.2003)
The White Stripes In the cold, cold night
Madrugada Vocal
Pay books Block girl
The Moldy peaches Lucky n. 9
Ride Vapour Trail
Audioslave Live Bologna 02.06.2003 (2° pezzo del concerto)
Placebo Sleeping with ghosts
Me first and the gimmie gimmies Oh irl
L7 Oh my rocking machine
The Libertines Vertigo
Strung out Rator sex
Man or... astroman? Polaris
The Postal service Nothing better
Grandaddy Stray dog and the chocolate
Madness Cardiac Arrest
Six by Seven I.O.U. Love
Moby We are all made of stars
Dead Kennedys Kill the poor
Ozzy Osbourne Iron man
Mad caddies Villains
Meganoidi Supereroi contro la municipale
Sweatmasters I am a demon and I love rock and roll
The Kellys Gypsy death on you
Blonde Redhead Missile
Askilml Halm Moonlanding
The Sum Back in the summer of '72
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