20 April 2000
Queens of the Stone Age Regular John
New Bomb Turks Killers Kiss
SNFU Don't have the cow
No Means No Sexmad
Punkreas Sosta
La Tigre Deceptacon
L7 Shove
Elastica Generator
CCCP Rozzemilia
One Dimensional Man 1000 doses of love
Manonegra Welcome to occident
Nerf Herder Curtney
Smugglers She ain't no Egiptian
Green Day Hitching a ride
Mad Caddies Road Rush
Rancid Hooligans
Dropkick Murphys Rod Cale/ Blood and Whisky
Bloodhound Gang The bad touch
Younger Younger 28's We're going out
Beck Loser
Ray Daytona and the Goo-Goo Bombs Speed Limit 65
Man or..Astroman? Destination Venus
Volusgolia Energia
Pixies Nimrod's son
Air Playground Love
New Model Army I love the world
Laundrette Be my chair
Blonde Redhead Symphony of treble
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds The mercy seat
The Cure Cold
New Order Run
Litfiba Tango
Morrissey This is not your country
Cult Nirvana
Placebo Bionic
Ataraxia Entrata Solenne
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