18 May 2000
Radiohead Karma Police
Nirvana (New wave) Polly
H-Blocks Little girl
Madrugada Norwegian hammerworks corp.
Bad Religion Strange Denial
CCCP Militanz/CCCP
Ash Girl from Mars
Flinch Milky way waltz/Nothing's wrong
Green Day Welcome to paradise
Sick of it all Potential for a fall
No Doubt Ex Girlfriend
Flexus Tutto da rifare
Pennywise My own country
Man or..Astroman? Everyone's favoutites martian
Punkreas Sosta
Unwritten Law Coffin test
L7 Pretend we are dead
Litfiba Ferito
Ramones Surf city
Mano Negra Le bruit de frigo
Cake Frank Sinatra
New Order Run
Mission Deliverance
Him Join me in death
The Cure A short term effect
Cranes Beautiful sadness
Vendemmian Masquerade
Marchviolets Walk into sun
Two Withches Requiem
Dance Society Somewhere
Love like Blood Kiss and Tell
Christian Death Church of no return
Sophia Directionless
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