16 NOV 1999
Green Day The Grouch
Bloodhound Gang The bad touch
Sick of it all Call to arms
The Misfits Scream
The Clash London Calling (Live Roma 1984)
Intolleranza Tifo Servaggio
Screeching Weasel Dingbat
TURTURROS INTERVISTA TURTURROS INTERVISTA + Lazy and idiot She's not your girlfriend anymore + Bombs
Blink 182 What's my age again
Turtlehead Gary D
Oltrecortina Sempre con voi
Supergrass Strange ones (Live Roma 14.11.1999)
Ramones Today your love, tomorrow the world
Mano Negra La Ventura
Squirtgun Social
Groovie Ghoulies Graceland
Teen Idols She's a poser
Pixies Where is my mind?
ES Jewels
Dropkick Murphy's Cadence to arms