15th june 2000
Nirvana Aneurism
NOFX Bottles in the grain
Bad Religion New America
New Bombs Turks Killers Kiss
Blink 182 Adam's song
Hives Hate to say I told you so
Sublime Wrong way
Operation Ivy Knowledge
Green Day Knowledge
Madball Can't stop don't stop
Hardcore Superstars Punkrock song
Queens of the Stone Age Regular John
Strung-Out Mission to Mars
Offspring Hey Joe! 
Electric Frankenstain EF Theme
Radio Vudu' Bambolina 
Intervista con i Radio Vudu' Radio Vudu' interview
Radio Vudu' Diretta Tivvù
Ray Daytona and the Googoobombos Coyote/Smell of Zanbra
Man or...Astroman? Bermuda triangle shorts/ Made of CO2
Marcy Playground It's saturday
Grandaddy Crystal lake
The Cure 17 seconds
Him Gone with the sin
ES Jewels
Dubstar Stars
Alien Sex Friend Comatose
Joy Division New dawn fades (Amsterdam 11/2/80)/ 24 hours
Chistian Death Cavity-first communion
Burning Gates Lilith
In the Nursery After the funeral
Blonde Redhead Hated because great qualities
The Mommyheads Sandman
Stereolab Les yper-yper sound
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