april  15th  2001
Mano Negra Love and Hate
Experimental Pop Band Emotion
Motorhead Ace of Spades
Dwarves Everybody's girl
Bloodhound Gang Fire water burn
Terrorvision Easy
Bad Religion I want to conquer the world/ The answer
Six by Seven sawn of Metallica T-shirt
The Chicks Daria
Sick of It All America
Warsaw They walked in line
Marcy Playground It's saturday
Nerf Herders Courtney
The Hellacopters Ungrounded Confusion
Ustmamò Filikudi
Nirvana  Polly
Therapy? Hate Kill Destroy
The Offspring Session
Muse Plug in baby
Pixies Wave of mutilation (surf UK version)
CJ Clarke Daily Express + I married a monster from outta space
U2 I will follow
MACH 5 Indifferenti
MACH 5 Intervista/Interview
Piccoli Segni,Come 1000 altre cose
King Prawn Not your punk
Meat For Dogs Angelo
One way streets Jack the Ripper (The Cramps Radio Show, 1984)
Naftalina Se
The Cure Shake dog shake
Cranes Lilies
South Paint the silence
Air Playground Love
Nick Cave The wimping song
Grandaddy Wretched Song
Efecto Coriolis El tio Golafre
25000 feet per second 25000 feet per second
Man or... Astroman? Song of the two mile linear particle accelerator Stanford University Stanford California
Servotron The power of electricity (live)
The Surf Coasters Cyclone
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