14 oct. 2001
Audioweb Bankrobber
Queens of the Stone Age Avon
Strokes Modern Age
The Offspring Killboy Powerhead
Scott 4 Catastrophie
The Riverdales I don't wanna go to the party tonight
American Hi Fi A bigger mood
Faboulous Disaster Magnet
Starsailor Fever
Fu Manchu Evil eye
The Anniversary The heart is a lonely hunter
The Stereophonics Not up to you
A Subtle Plague A thousand trees
NOFX Freedom like shopping cart
Weezer El Scorcho
Peter Punk Impossibile
Spearmint Scottish pop
Faith Leap Eyesore
Incubus Circle
Meganoidi Supereroi contro la municipale
Therapy (live Palestrina 30.06.2000)
AFI The Nephiline
Nirvana Territorial Pissing
Thaiti 80 A love from outta space
Ray Daytona & the Goo Goobombos Speed limit 65/h
Bad Religion Pity the dead
Roots Radicals Urban fight
PHP Soluzione
Squirtgun My Jeanette
C.S.I. Matrilineare
Nerd gets the girl Beach bum
Zeke Midnight NAMBLA (Turbonegro cover)
Grandaddy Non phenomenal lineage
Ramones Surf City
Elastica S.O.F.T. (live Bristol 1995)
Scott Garth Cretin velour
The Smiths Sheila take a bow
Echobelly Great things
Dubstar The day I see you again
Cranes Driving in the sun
Sparklehorse Piano fire
Man or.... Astroman? Low Bat
Litfiba Tziganata
Diaframma Vita nomade
Suede Electricity
The Cure M
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