13th MARCH 2005
VANDALS                                                                                      SUPERCALIFRAGILI
FRANZ FERDINAND                                                                    DARK OF THE MATINEE
BLOQ PARTY                                                                                           HELICOPTER
VILLA VORTEX                                                                                          DECHARGE
SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS                                                          MY HEARTS IS ON FIRE
THE CURE                                                                                        PLAY FOR TODAY
WHITE STRIPES                                                         THE HARDES BUTTON TO BUTTON
A TOYS ORCHESTRA                                                                    PETER PAN SYNDROME
MADRUGADA                                                                                              ELECTRIC
GENERALE INVERNO    Interview/Intervista  
SEX PISTOLS                                                                                   ANARCHY IN UK
HONG KONG                                                                                            MAZERATI
THE SMITHS                                                     SOME GIRLS ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS
LE TIGRE                                                                             NANNY NANNY BOO BOO
BEASTIE BOYS                                                                        FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT
NADA                                                                                           AMORE DISPERATO

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