13th January 2002
The Offspring Bad habit
The Excessories Punk rock boy
Zeke Zeke you
Popsters Everything I want
Sum 41 Nothing on my back
Bad Religion Sorrow
The Bobbyteens The rock n' roll show
Andrew WK It's time to party
Meat for dogs Alice
Turbonegro The midnight NAMBLA
Distillers Seneca falls
Tampax UFO dictators
NOFX Kill all the white men
Stereototal Nouvelle vougue
Queens of the stone age Autopilot
Turturros Third age lobotomy
The White Stripes Feel in love with the girl
The Vindictives Johnny where are you
Pocket Venus Through your days
The Chubbies Suburban rock dolls
Le Tigre Fake french
Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros Global a go go
Ray Daytona & the Goo Goo bombos Elsa riverside
Ramones Out of time (Rolling Stone's cover)
The Mad Capsule Markets Normal life
The Hellacopters American ruse
Hundred reasons I'll find you
Verdena Blue
This side up / Goodwill Records Special! INTERVISTA / INTERVIEW
Today / Mistakes
PHP Ad alta tensione
Day of the dead Kill the phantom of the good old days
Madrugada The nightly disease part II
Muse Phillip
Beulah A good man is easy to kill
Nerd gets the girl Beach Bum
Man or... Astroman? The men from UNCLE
Grandaddy 180 A.M.
Richard Hawley Baby you are my light
The Mr T Experience She's coming over
Part - T - One I'm so crazy
Blur Popscene
Pixies Into the blue
Eels Fresh feelings
The switch trout In the kitchen
Oasis Supersonic
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