11 May 2000
AC/DC Hells Bells
Boss Hog Get it while you wait
Bad Religion Atomic Garden/Punk Rock Song
Black Flag Louie Louie
Gomez Flight
Smashing Pumpkins Transformer
No Fun at All My extraordinary mind
Ramones I believe in miracles
Dwarves Johnny on the spot
The Donnas Hook it up
Ninos Mutantes Veneno Polen
Mano Negra King of bongo
Green Day The Disappearing Boy
Ash Girl from Mars
Punkreas Fegato e Cuore
Prozac+ Stonata
CCCP Tu menti
Le Tigre Deceptacon
Juana la Loca Planeta Infierno
Man or...astroman? Manta Ray
Space Avenging Angels
Veruka Salt Seether
Him Gone with the sin
The Cure Prayers for rain/ Bloodflowers
Cocteau Twins Half gifts, live 12.03.96 BBC radio
Morrissey Billy Bud
Cranes Jewel
Creatures Second floor
Diaframma Vita Nomade
Blonde Redhead Distilled
Nick Cave Red Right Hand
Radiohead No surprised
New Order Blue Monday
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