10th APRIL 2005
AC/DC                                                                                        HELL'S BELLS
RANCORE                                                                     OMNIA SUNT COMMUNIA
CCCP                                                                                   EMILIA PARANOICA
THE MOVEMENT                                                                         A LITTLE RAIN
SEX PISTOLS                                                                            ANARCHY IN UK
THE ALPS                                                                                   THE SHINING
FUGAZI                                                                                    LIFE AND LIMB
CATTIVE ABITUDINI                                                                     QUELLO VERO
THE LIBERTINES                                                         LAST POST ON THE BUGLE
ZERONIC                                                                              IMAGES OF GIRLS
THE STROKES                                                                                         12:51
ASH                                                                                            GOLDFINGER
LANA                                                                        L'ASSIOMA DELLA SCELTA
THE KILLERS                                                                            MR BRIGHTSIDE
THE ARCADE FIRE                                                       NEIGHBORHOOD °2 (LAIKA)
FRANZ FERDINAND                                                                       TAKE ME OUT
GREEN DAY                                                                    GOING TO PASALACQUA
PENNYWISE                                                                        MIGHT BE A DREAM
L'INVASIONE DEGLI OMINI VERDI                                              IRRAGIUNGIBILE
RAMONES                                                                           GO LIL'CAMARO GO
THE HELEN LOVE                                                                              PUNK BOY
FABULOS DISASTER                                                                             MAGNET
SNUFF                                                                                   NOT LISTENING
JOY DIVISION                                                                                  WARSAW
BAD RELIGION                                                                   FLAT EARTH SOCIETY
SICK OF IT ALL                                                                             PAPER TIGER
CLASH                                                                                 GUNS OF BRIXTON
PROZAC+                                                                                              PIOVE
TOKYO DRAGONS                                                         EVERYBODY THAT'S RIGHT
MANDO DIAO                                                                                   THE BAND
BLUR                                                                                                 SONG 2
IGGY POP                                        LITTLE ELECTRIC CHAIR (FEAT. THE STOOGES)
THE BLUE VAN                                                                 REVELATION OF LOVE
THE DISTILLERS                                                                       DISMANTLE ME
IKARA COLT                                                                    WANNA BE THAT WAY
THE OFFSPRING                                                                                    NITRO
DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979                                   YOU'RE A WOMAN I'M A MACHINE
THE GO BETWEENS                                                                     OCEANS APART
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE                                                        LITTLE SISTER
THE HONG KONG                                                                             MAZERATI
MADNESS                                                                                BUGGY TROUSES
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN                                                                    LEGAL MAN
THE BESTIES                                                                                SPACE SONG
THE CONCRETES                                                                           OTHER ONES
JUANA LA LOCA                                                                   AGUJEROS NEGROS
THE KILLS                                                                             THE GOOD ONES
KATRINA AND THE WAVES                                               WALKING ON SUNSHINE
BRIAN WILSON                                                                                 SURFS UP

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