10th march 2002
Iron Maiden Aces high
Shandon Bad smell
The excessories Punk rock boy
Toilet Boys Saturday night
Ska P Violencia macista
Sick of it all Whoo sets the rules
International Noise Conspiracy Up for sale
Vex Red Clone Jesus
Rancid Side kick
Andrew WK It's time to party
Matrioska 18:23
Ramones Today your love tomorrow the world/Beat on the brat (live at the Club Cambridge 12.05.1976)
Le tigre LT tour theme
Armchair martian Soccer song
NOFX All his suites are torn
The bobby teens Rock and roll show
Union 13 Never connected
PHP Solamente sonno
Persiana Jones Tremarella
The Offspring One fine day
Nirvana Territorial pissing
Bad Religion Supersonic/Prove it
Gwen Mars Neon Tom
Gluecifer Dog day dog night
Turbonegro I got erection
The green goblyn project Grave E / pray at the silo
Fu Manchu Thinking out loud
Lunachicks Down at the pub
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Whatever happened to my rock and roll
The white stripes Hotel Yorva
The Cure  Live Paris Le Zenith 26.04.2000
Bad Manners Red river ska
Riverdales I don't wanna go to the party tonight
Belle and Sebastian Legal man
The Rentals The love I'm searching for
Weezer Don't let go
Stereolab Sweet Annalisa (live in Roma settembre 2000)
Space Avenging Angel
Pixies Gigantic
Ryan Adams Good night Hollywood Boulevard
Vasco Rossi Asilo Republic
Snow Patrol Starfighter pilot
Cake I will survive
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