09th June 2002
shortened broadcast due to Faboulous Disaster gig in Roma
Ramones Here today, gone tomorrow
De Dee Ramone I am zonked
Ramones Surfing bird
Dee Dee Ramone I am seen UFO
Elastica All for gloria
Bad Brains Banned in DC
Nirvana New wave Polly
Faboulous Disaster Down the drain
Semprefreski Bongoloide
Madness Cardiac arrest
Me first and the gimmie gimmies Who put the bomb?
Dillinger 4 Sellthehousesellthecarsellthekids
Limp Oh no
Alex Lloyd My friend
Cornershop Heavy soup
PHP Venti contrari / Forse migliore
Radio Birdman Aloha Steve and Danno
The Strokes The modern age
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Red eyes and tears
Man or.... astroman? Manta ray
Pitchshifter Down
Blur  Popscene
British sea power Fear of drowning
Operation Ivy Knowledge
Arab on radar Pig roasts
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Samhain black dream