July  08th  2001
No Means No Sex mad
No Fun At All I've seen
Bloodhound Gang Your only friends are make believe
Pansy Division Rock and Roll queer bar
3 Allegri ragazzi Morti Fortunello
Manu Chao Promiscuity
CCCP Live in Pankow
Persiana Jones Tremarella
Green Day Dominated love slave
Mad Caddies American badass
Statuto Bandiera Gialla
Bikini Kill Alien she
L7 Andres
Good Riddance Fire engine red
JJ72 Undercovered angel
The Offspring  L.A.P.D.
Rancid It's quite alright
Pennywise feat. Exena We're desperate
Bad Religion Sanity
Meganoidi Supereroi versus Meganoidi
Venus Vegas My shadow invain
Elastica Annie
Mr. T Experience Here she comes
P.J. Harvey Hardly wait
Bouncing Souls True believers
Fu Manchu The action is go
C64 Normalità
At the drive in Incertadis
Pixies Hey!
Mogway Summer
Duotang Thomas Green
Gluecifer No way
Ramones zero zero UFO
Placebo Bionic
Prozac+ Rendimi la vita
Elbow Red
The Housemartins Fire get over excited
the Smiths What she said
Dubstar Not once not ever
Echobelly Great things
The Charlatans Weirdo
Man or...Astroman? Transmission from Venus
Surfpatrouille Miss Marple
Cosmonauti Mexico beach
Phoenix Too young
Grandaddy Lava Kiss
Madrugada Quite emotional
Mike Peters A new Wales
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