07 Dic 1999
Ramones We're a happy family
Bad Religion Parallel
Nirvana Breed
King Prawn Not your Punk
NOFX Kill Rockstar
Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch
G&G INTERVISTA + Spazio al Tempo, G&G INTERVIEW + Spazio al Tempo,
Blink 182 What's my age again?
A Tribe Called Quest Keep it Moving
Naftalina Se
Gorki Zygotic Mynci Poodle rockin
Man or...Astroman? Within the mainframe, impaired vision from inoperable cataracts can become a new impending nepotism
Dandy Warrhols Not if you were the last junkies in the world
Mr T. Experience You Today
Queens of the Stone Age The Bronze
Smashing Pumpkins 1979
Television Personalities Salvador Dali' Garden Party
Cult Hollow Me
Madness My Girl
W Udinese