07th April 2002
Ramones We want the airwaves
Los Gusanos Bad day
Dance Hall Crashers Go
Lost prophets Kobrakai
Pinhead Gunpowder Future daydream
Travoltas Pray for the sun
System of a Down X
Antiflag Angry young and poor
Incubus Priviledge
Sick of It All Potential for a fall
Muse Spiral static
Terrorgruppe Sex biah
NOFX Dinosaurs will die
Snotty Cheekbones She wants to rock and roll
Prozac+ Criminale
Pensione Libano Il mago
SNFU All those opposed
Slpiknot Spit it out
Le Tigre Shred A
P.O.D. Set it off
Gamits Rock machine
Retarded The game I won
Razzi Totali Ho vomitato nelle All Star
Stinking Polecats Better solution
White Stripes Mary
Man or... Astroman? LIVE IN CONCERT
Slayer Circle of beliefs
Starsailor Alcholic
Ryan Adams New York New York
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Love burns
Rage against the machine No shelter
Jhonny Death's Surf punk Orchestra Death gets around dead flower
Cranes Let go
Joy Division From safety to where?
Gorky's Zygotic Minci Poodle Rockin'
Grandaddy Crystal Lake
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