4 agosto 1997
SIGLA: The Smashing Pumpkins
Audioweb Bankrobber
Blur Boys & girls
Ash Girl from Mars
Green Day Basket case (LIVE)
Ramones Cretin family
The Mr T Experience I feel for you
Elastica Blue (LIVE)
Nirvana Stay away
The Cure A short term effect (LIVE 1982)
Bloodhound gang Fire water burn
The Smiths Sheila take a bow
Man or...astroman? Manta Ray
Joy Division Love will tear us apart
Vandals Summer loving
Cranes Reverie
The Offspring Mota
Bad Religion Infected
The Queers Punk rock girls
Ned's atomic dustbin What gives my son
Weezer El Schorcho
Mano Negra Indios de Barcelona
Cake  Friend is a four letter word
Ramones Blietzkrieg Bop
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