June  3rd  2001
Terrorvision Alice what's the matter?
AC/DC Bedlam in Belgium
Clash Guns of Brixton
Dickies See my way
Rino Gaetano Gianna Gianna
L7 Andres
Stereoracers Lullaby
The Nothings Addicted too
Ramones We want the airwaves
Bloodhound Gang The ballad of Chasey Lane
MXPX Party II (time to go)
Fu Manchu Anodizer
Queen of the Stone Age Born to Hula
Ash Burn baby Burn
Vandals Summer lovin'
Banda Bassotti  Fiera senza Dio
Madness Benny Bullfrog
Sublime Wrong way
Bis Eurodisco
Marcy Playground It's saturday
Pinhead Gunpowder Mahogany
Murder We Wrote Last guy on earth
Murder We Wrote Intervista/Interview
13, Murder She Wrote
Terrorgruppe Amerika
Elastica Never Here
Grandaddy He's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot
Pixies The thing
Muse Shake dog shake
Cranes Fillip
Fabulous Disaster Magnet
Bad Religion Don't sell me short
Servotron Serve obey guardman from harm
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Suave and suffocating
Suede Moving
The Smiths Sweet and tender hooligan
Beautiful South Dumb
Damon Albarn Dying isn't easy
Blonde Redhead Hated because of great qualities
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