01 june 2000
Ramones Somebody put something in my drink
Fu Manchu The action is go
King Prawn Fried in London
Bad Religion New America
The Clash Should I stay or should I go
AC/DC Inject the venom
Turbonegro Rock against ass
Pinhead Gunpowder Mahogany
Squirtgun My Jeanette
Radio Vudu' Bambolina
Punkreas Voglio armarmi
Vandals Come out fighting
Rancid When the kids are united
Bloodhound Gang Along comes Mary 
Mr T Experience I feel for you
Intervista con i Killtime Killtime interview
Killtime My Girl
Mr T Experience Here she comes
Killtime Transglobal experience 1999
NOFX Linoleum
Rancid Daly city train
Killtime What I think of you
Green Day One for the razorbacks
Killtime Infatuation stupid habit
Siuouxie Candyman
The Cult Fatman
Blonde Redhead This is not
Sophia Are you happy now?
Nick Cave Lime true about
Angelo Branduardi Confessioni di un malandrino
Ataraxia Canzone
Death in June Smashed to bits (in the peace of the night)
Charlatans Tremulo song
Morrissey Work is a four letter word
P.J. Harvey Ecstasy
Bauhaus Kick in the eyes
Corpus Delicti Saraband
London after Midnight Revenge
Blonde Redhead Hated because great qualities
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